Friday, November 3, 2017

Have You Heard? // Vance Joy - "Like Gold"

Squeeeee! Vance Joy put up his new song, "Like Gold". When he played this at his show last month, I loved it so much! I am so glad that it is out now, and that his next album is coming in February!!

Apologies to anyone who is REALLY REALLY tired of me posting Vance Joy songs once a month (at least..)... but I am super jazzed.

What do you guys think?!

What are you guys up to this weekend?!

We are finishing out the LOTR series tonight with KC's parents, making waffles for #lybholidayl Saturday morning, and seeing my mom and sister for lunch on Sunday. Sunday's #lybholidayl prompt is to "shop my closet" so I'm going to give that a serious effort, and get out some of our fall/winter things..., and hopefully finish up my October Daily album, so I can start my November gratitude one! :) Also, it's been cold here... so KC and I have both been really craving holiday shopping at the mall. I'm not even sure what we'd buy... but it just feels like Christmas shopping weather! Also, soft pretzels for life. In our city there is nowhere to get a soft pretzel like that. A few places have the super gourmet ones as appetizers, and we have super fake ones that are just bread in the shape of a pretzel.. no legit pretzels though. LOL.

Other Posts This Week: LYB(Holiday)L Week 1, Snapshots of Halloween 2017, and Ten Months In // 2017 Goal Progress.

On YouTube This Week: October Daily - Days 17-19, Day 20, Days 21-25.

Don't forget to join us when you can for #lybholidayl! We're having such a blast with it, and I love seeing who is tagging along! I am feeling more centered already! Shea shared this great link to a podcast where they are de-mistifying the holidays and all the stress. LOVING working on the worksheet to figure out our "game plan". Thanks for sharing that, Shea!

Does anyone else listen to this podcast?

Do you have a lot of opinions about soft pretzels...? LOL



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