Friday, August 26, 2016

Have You Heard? // - Coldplay - "Magic" // & Snapshots of the A Head Full of Dreams Tour

Hello Everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!

This week was a little bit different because KC, my friend Jessica, and I all took off Thursday afternoon to drive to Tulsa, OK (~3.5 hours) for the Colplay A Head Full of Dreams concert. KC and I saw them back in 2012 for Mylo Xyloto and had such a blast that we knew we needed to see them again. When they didn't tour for Ghost Stories... (I mean outside of Tokyo, Paris, etc.) I was really disappointed! I loved that album. Anyhow, when they announced this tour, we knew we needed to grab tickets, and also help Jessica cross this off her bucket list! :) I'm SO glad that we did!

So today I am sharing one of my favorite tracks from Ghost Stories, "Magic," and then I'll give a quick concert recap. Kind of like I did with T-Swift and J.Lo. :)

I think the lyrics to this song are really sweet and hopeful, and I think that the video and all of the album art are so clever and lovely. Did you guys hear this one? Also, I mean, this song is just so romantic. Sigh, I'm a sucker for that.

Anyhow, I definitely recommend listening to more of their stuff if you haven't kept up with them over the past like 20 years. HA - there have been so many iterations of their music during that time.

On to the concert!

It was at the BOK Center (a large arena) in Tulsa, where KC and I had seen The Black Keys & The Arctic Monkeys back in 2012. We don't love arena shows the most, but sometimes for
bigger names you do what you can! :)

As expected, they played a lot of songs from their new album, A Head Full of Dreams. But they also played some songs from Ghost Stories (THIS ONE! MAGIC!), as well as some popular singles. I don't think they can get away with doing a show without playing "Yellow" or "The Scientist". :)

They also dedicated "Everglow" to all the parts of the world that are hurting right now. So of course I sobbed. Not that I didn't already shed tears during other songs. I had SO MANY FEELINGS.

As with last time the visual aspects of the show were really incredible. We had blinking wrist bands, the screens, lights, and other props were really awesome... they even had some pyrotechnics this time! And the confetti! So much confetti! :)

So (yet) another concert lesson for you guys: sometimes it's worth the drive and a little bit of planning to see an incredible show. :)

So there you have it!

Did anyone else catch the A Head Full of Dreams tour?

What is your favorite Coldplay song or album?

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Have a Great Weekend!



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