Friday, August 19, 2016

Have You Heard? // Throwback // J.Lo. - "Waiting for Tonight" & "Play"

When we heard we were going to Vegas we made sure we would get to see someone fun in concert. We had initially thought we would see Britney, but she wasn't doing a show during our date range. J.Lo. was though, well almost, so we stayed one extra night to see her show. I'm so glad that we did!

If you're close to my age I am sure that you grew up listening to J.Lo. on the radio, she had tons of singles over the years and continues to crank out dance hits as well as movies and TV shows. As a result seeing her perform live was super fun!

Throughout the show she did some of her older hits like, "Jenny from the Block" and "I'm Real" complete with an Bronx styled stage set. She also did a "Vegas" type set where she and her dancers were mostly doing a strip tease. Unexpected, but when in Vegas, right? She sang some of her more recent hits, and even a song she did for the movie Home and a cover of "I Hope You Dance" which she dedicated to her children. She also did a segment with some of her more Latin hits. All of the sets were really, really good. I also loved how she talked to the audience as she performed, I've always liked that. She even said to one guy, "Go ahead baby, get your selfie!" - so cute.

Overall, the show was really awesome. For one, the theater is much smaller than I had expected, so we felt pretty close, while not being in the front. Two, damn J.Lo. can dance! She's really a talented performer, and she's incredibly fit as well. It's super inspirational as she just celebrated her 47th birthday. If I could be anywhere close to half that fit before 47 it might be a miracle. :P - all jokes aside, get it J.Lo! The stage, dancers, sets, costumes, etc. etc. were all very impressive and fun. It was definitely a Vegas atmosphere and they went all out. Appropriate as she titled the residency, All I Have.

We had a blast, and should she tour again someday, somewhere near us, I would go. :) If we go back to Vegas sometime soon, we will definitely look into seeing Britney - but I'm certainly not at all disappointed that we made it to J.Lo.'s show instead!

I don't really have a favorite J.Lo. Song, but you really can't go wrong with "Waiting for Tonight" right? It's definitely a classic.

Ok, so I also love this one.... I think I had one of the "NOW" CDs with this song on it, so it's a feel-good favorite. hehe

I hope this gives you a good start to your weekend or week! :)

OK, and because I can't help myself, this is her new single, called "Ain't Your Mama," it's so catchy and fun - and hilarious.

Also, when we got home, Scali was in love with the J.Lo. program. he wouldn't stop laying on it. I don't know if he likes it because it's smooth, or the same color as him or what. What a little stinker.

Are you a J.Lo. fan?

Have you seen a Las Vegas residency show?

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