Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Get Organized! // Pretty Jewelry Display & Storage Ideas

I love jewelry. I have waaayyy more than I should I suppose, but it's hard to resist! Especially when I find such sweet vintage pieces through my travels and many monthly trips to the Salvation Army!

I recently found a handful of vintage cocktail rings that are super fun! They were just two and three dollars each!

Anyhow, I am always looking for creative ways to store my jewelry... and it changes as I accrue more and also as I get settled in our (still-new-to-me) place. But here are some fun ways I like to store my jewelry on my dresser or vanity top.

I recently found this ridiculously amazing vintage cat-on-a-ladder earring hanger at the Salvation Army for a mere $.99! I got both the golden dish and the bird ring holder at World Market. Less than $10 each. The golden dish was a part of the holiday line, so they are currently on sale and come in silver as well.

The ladder is actually great, because it holds posts really well, and it has holes in the back part of the ladder too! :) Possibly the best $.99 I've spent in a while! And it's just ridiculously kitschy and fun!

I love this ring dish because it not only holds rings, it is a great catch-all for bobby pins, lost buttons, earrings that I've taken off right before bed etc. More functional than the ones that are mostly vertical. Also, how cute are these vintage rings I was mentioning?!? 

This dish is great for holding pretty little pieces that I will be wearing frequently or in the upcoming week. It is even large enough to accommodate things like large bangles and headbands! It is also good for those of us who are busy and forget to accessorize... you could refill it every weekend and then as you are dressing throughout the week you can pull out an item or two and you are very quickly more polished!

All of these items are pretty enough to leave out on the dresser or vanity and not worry about it looking too cluttered! 

I look forward to further organizing my jewelry collection now that I've got my vanity in a spot where I like it! 

How do you store, display or organize your jewelry?

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  1. Such cute jewelry! I love all your pieces and how you've displayed them, very nice!

  2. Thank you Sarah! :) It's been such a fun little project! :) -Alexandra


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