Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Starting My Hair Education // Better Late Than Never

Last year one of my goals was to learn more ways to do my hair. I think that I did accomplish a few small things, but overall didn't get that far. I think hair has just always been difficult for me. 

I grew up with my curls in a slicked back ponytail or bun because it would typically get frizzy during the day at school. And if it was ever down, it turned into a triangle... not flattering. 

It wasn't until high school that my friends told me that my hair looked nice down and naturally curly. I believed them, and since then I have at least tried to let my curls be noticeable.

Beyond curls there is straightening.... and I have so much hair it takes forever and a day to straighten it, which makes me crazy... so I think I've been putting the rest of my hair edu off a bit. 

But over the weekend I purchased this fantastic book (that I wanted for Christmas) and have begun to play around with it. And I'm finding it surprisingly fun!

So far this is SO helpful and I have accomplished several average attempts at different buns and braids. But the instructions, tips and photos are really helpful, and make me hopeful that I can learn to do my hair in all of these gorgeous styles! :) To buy on Amazon, click here.

I also purchased a medium and extra large hair donut. It's much too soon to share any pictures of my actual hair... but I thought I would recommend these products to anyone on a similar journey, or anyone who loves doing their hair! :) 

Even if this is an old goal, it's better late than never right?

Do you use a hair donut? Which size do you like best? Do you prefer to roll it, or just use it to wrap your hair around? 

-so far, wrapping it around works best for me. But one of mine snaps as well.. so that will be interesting to try!

Have you read this book? Which styles have you tried? Which do you hope to accomplish after lots of practice?

-I've learned the French braid (yes, this is new to me..) the fish tail braid.. to no avail, the basic bun, the triple braid and braided crown. I want to accomplish beautiful ones like the Grecian braid, Dutch Braid and Mermaid Braid! 

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  1. woah, someone is tackling her goals! nice move buying that book, i can see it being super inspiring. when i had long hair i used to pour over pinterest for hours- they have SO many cute and easy hair tutorials!

    xo marlen
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  2. hehe I'm trying! :) I tend to run warm ... chasing preschoolers around all day, so it's great to have a bunch of styles that will have my hair off of my neck and shoulders :) -Alexandra

  3. Oo I love the braid on the bottom left of the cover! I've always sucked at my hair too. And I don't even have the excuse of curls! It was fine up until I moved to Texas where my hair basically couldn't handle the humidity, and the only thing that seemed to help were straighteners. I pretty much use my straighteners every day now though, which probably isn't a good thing!

  4. Hilde - me too! Sadly it's marked as 'difficult' so it will be a while before I learn it :) Oh yes, humidity is not fun. Not fun at all for me either! I've got a straightener but I really don't have the patience for it. It takes me 45 minutes to do it.. . partly because I'm not well practiced. I probably just need to stop being so lazy! :) haha -Alexandra


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