Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wearing More Color // Unexpected Orange Coat

I guess I'm wearing more color already, huh? (2014 goals, here.)

After Christmas, we took our annual girls shopping trip (all of my cousins are girls, and I don't have brothers so that typically makes for a day filled with open-to close shopping for myself and my 10 female relatives on my dad's side of the family! A crazy, but fun tradition! Even though we were missing a few of our girls this year. :( ) Anyway, I spent most of that day searching department stores for a non-black coat, to no avail. Is coat shopping this hard for anyone else??!

 The next day Kyle and I went to TJMaxx, Kohl's and Target where I finally found a winner!

I got this fun orange (unexpected!) coat at Target, it was marked $39.99 but ended up ringing up on sale for closer to $25! Hooray! I like the faux fur hood, toggles & big buttons on the pockets! 

This coat is not super warm, but it is warm enough to get from the car indoors and back again. I mainly bought it so I would have a non-black winter coat to wear with my brand new chocolate brown UGGs that Kyle got me for Christmas this year!

Speaking of UGGs, it really doesn't matter to me if they are stylish or not. Some people LOVE them, some people HATE them... I just plain NEED to be warm. These keep my feet extremely warm and dry.... and that my friends makes me a very very happy girl in the winter! :) So, kindly keep your anti-UGG commentary to yourselves please. :) 

Anyhow, I was very surprised to find such a flattering, cheap(!) and bright orange(probably my least worn color) coat! What do you think?

Do you wear colored or basic coats? 

Where do you have the best luck coat shopping?

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  1. It is a beautiful coat! I love the toggles! &I love my Uggs! I wear them almost every day in the winter! Shake the haters off!

  2. Thank you Meagan! I was so happily surprised by the coat :) It's good to 'meet' another UGG lover. ;) Luckily no haters yet... just trying to deter the possibility! Thanks for stopping by! -Alexandra

  3. What a cute coat! I've been dreaming of a duffle coat like this one, but haven't found a winner yet. Someday!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. It wasn't what I was imagining at all, but I am SO happy with it! :) Good luck on your search :) -Alexandra

  5. i looove when stuff gets unexpectedly cheaper at the cash register haha, i always refrain from doing a mini fist pump. and that color is gorgeous, i'm so glad you're embracing it in this new year! and that shopping tradition sounds absolutely amazing- now that's my find of family ;)

    xo marlen

    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Me too! Such a great surprise. :) Orange is just not my color, but I always like it when something works out so well! So maybe it will help me add a little more to my wardrobe this year! It's sooo much fun! Especially now that we are all older. Thanks for stopping by! -Alexandra


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