Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sparkle & Shine // My Holiday Outfit 2013

Linking up this old post with The Creative Closet & Friends here. :) -Forgive the crummy old images! :) 

The holidays may be over for now, but I thought I would go ahead and post my sparkly holiday outfit for you guys! It came together at the last minute & I am so in love with the color combo and the feel of the whole outfit! The look cost just $70, including jewelry!

Top: TJMaxx, Clearance $16
Skirt: Francesca's, Sale Rack, $30
Bracelet & Necklace: Francesca's, Sale Rack, ~$16 for both
Shoes: Vintage, Salvation Army, $8

Outfit Total: $70

I was so happy to have finally found a sequined skirt! The color is so unusual, but works perfectly with my coloring! The fit is really nice and it actually looks great with quite a few things!

I found the jewelry at the same time as the skirt and thought the amber color in the middle of the jewelry was really compatible with the color of the skirt, and the deep green teal was just bold enough to pair with it, but not too crazy. It was sort of a leap of faith since I didn't have a top in mind to go with it.. but it ended up working wonderfully! Plus the clearance price made me feel better about getting them, knowing that they were an affordable addition to that or another outfit. :) 

I'm so glad I did, because then I found the perfect coordinating top at TJMaxx on the clearance rack! It is very comfy and the most beautiful color! The front and arms are knit and the bottom part of the back is chiffon-y like a blouse. It makes the fit really nice and flowy. Perfect for wearing with skinny jeans and boots too!

Then I realized that I didn't have any brown shoes that weren't boots and my flats just weren't really working either. Luckily I had bought these vintage heels a few weeks earlier, and they amazingly enough matched really well, but weren't so shiny that they were overwhelming! 

What a lucky outfit, and quite cheap for the items that I got! :) Especially since I had been wanting a sequined skirt and more statement jewelry anyhow! :)

So excited to use these pieces in other outfits too!

Did you score any great deals during the holidays?

I would love to know what you found!

Leave you links & share in the comments!

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  1. You should open an Etsy shop with all your thrift store finds! It takes skill to see the diamonds in the rough (those shoes are amazing! I would have totally passed them by if I saw them in a thrift store). Btw, have I mentioned how much I love your glasses? Where did you get them?

  2. Ha, thanks Brittany! I had thought of that about this time last year that I would love to thrift & repurpose items and sell them! Etsy could be a good place to start... thanks for the idea! These glasses are just readers from Barnes & Noble!! Hhaha! They are Foster Grant's and I got them for $15 years ago and they have served me well! Getting ready to order a few pairs from Rivet & Sway though too I think, they have a new pricing deal that I'm excited about! :) Thanks for Reading!

  3. What a great skirt!! I love the colour and I like that you paired it with a more casual ish top that's right up my alley

  4. Thank you Ursula. :) I was happily surprised at how well the colors complemented one another. Thanks for stopping by! -Alexandra

  5. Pretty! I love that sequin skirt with your jewel toned top!

  6. Thank you :) Thanks for stopping by. -Alexandra

  7. That skirt is just gorgeous! And I love that you paired it with that emerald green. It's so stunning and perfect for the holidays!

  8. Thank you! :) I love the color combo too. A little unexpected but fun. Thanks for reading! XO

  9. The bronze hue of that skirt is wonderful - so warm and rich! SO many colors would suit that, have fun playing it up!
    Also, love the shoes :)

  10. Thank you. :) I am excited to wear it more this season! XO

  11. I love love love that skirt! I find that most sequin skirts seem to be bodycon and I just love the shape that skater skirts give. I wish I could find one like that here!


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