Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Fridays September 2010

First Fridays
Downtown KC MO, crossroads district. 
Galleries, restaurants, cafe's and shops stay open late and display what they've got for the diverse crowds that come flocking. 
From hipsters to foreigners, artists to buyers, old and young alike can be found wandering the streets and galleries one Friday a month.
This was my 2nd trip to the event and I went with my roommate Juliet and our "almost roommate" Emy. It was a blast. 

Here are some snapshots of our trip!

On the bus! 
The Incubator gallery! The coolest place! I loved the lights with the roughness of the old building.

 Old Windows!
 Cool shark sculpture, I thought Kyle might enjoy this <3 
This one is for you "big shark Consolver"
I love old ceilings and windows!
 Birdies! The highlight of my trip! :) 
 inside decor!
 my favorite store, filled with such pretty things! 
 The three of us with our boxes! so cute!
 Pretty Little Boxes!

For more information about the cross roads click here:

For more information about first Fridays search the above web page :)

For more information about Birdies click here!

All for now! Go check out the crossroads and Birdies!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farmer's Market Virgin/Love at First Sight

Being such a foodie and a health nut really, most of you would be surprised to know that I had never been to the downtown farmer's market before this past weekend! It was a wonderful experience and I got some delicious and beautiful food. Most of it is sustainably grown, good for me and supporting my local community. Which I can feel really great about it! So here is my first farmer's market swatchboard. (unfortunately I forgot my camera.. so I only have pictures of my food.. hehe)
 My poor watermelon! I absolutely killed it on the way inside.. still edible though!
 My spread! Pears, Sweet Onions, 1 jalapeno, triple berry jam (sugarless) and my watermelon!
Me and my watermelon! yes it was dripping all over me!
Juliet and her sweet yellow grapes! They were soo yummy! 
Aren't those beautiful! They look fake! But they aren't!
Some lovely flowers that some girls in my kitchen bought!

This trip was a great success and I can't wait to go back again! I really enjoyed it and the girls who went. It was a great trip to add to the environmental chair notebook!