Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snapshots of Nebraska // Summer 2011

Omaha is great.

Kyle had never been to Nebraska. ha.

And after 9 hours of summer class....

I was ready to get out of town :)

Our first stop....

Muncher's Bakery, Lawrence KS

 Home of the best doughnuts/ and mini cinnamon rolls in the world.

 At the zoo!

 Kyle feeding the crazy fish :)

I love these fish :)

 Sundial, garden of the senses

swan fountain

King Kong Burger

 always wanted to try it... but they were out of ice cream.

 so we went to Zesto!

Which unfortunately was awful.. :( 

Old Market <3

 My first Experience Actually Shopping Here! :)

 All made of Paper! How Cool!

 Adorable Store!! :)

Our Bundt cakes which were mini and delicious.. and sadly, never got finished. :( 

Wind Turbines, so Inspiring!

The Lied Lodge, Nebraska City


 Kyle's! :)

Dining Area! Every time I've been here, the food has been phenomenal.

 Cool Lighting

 Epic Mantle

 Amazing Hanging :)

 Environmental and Nature Related Quotes Around the Tops of the Walls.

 I love this place.

 Hiking Around


Beautiful Handles!

This was our trip! It was a blast, we played our wonderful St. Louis road trip mix! It was the perfect refresher trip!

What do you like to do for a short weekend trip?

All For Now,


Friday, September 23, 2011

21st Birthday

Well, I'm finally 21. 

{as of july... I'm a bit late on this... }

I'm not much of a drinker...

But here is what we made to celebrate!

Summer Berry Sangria

{borrowed, adapted and enjoyed from Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Cocktail Time}

1 750ml bottle of white wine
{I used cupcake vinyard's chardonnay}
1/2 cup cognac
3 cups lemon lime soda
1 1/2 cups {or as much as you want} frozen or fresh berries
{I used blueberries and strawberries}

1) Mix together in a pitcher.
2) Let chill for 1 hour then serve.


A Caperinha 
{The official cocktail of Brazil}

1 oz cachaca rum (Brazilian)
raw sugar

1) Place the sugar and cut lime in the bottom of a glass. Grind up with a wooden spoon.
2) Pour cachaca rum over the lime and sugar.
3) Serve with ice.


The sangria is really nice and light, not too potent, the A caperinha on the other hand is rather potent, but very lime-y :) 

Other than that we played board games and chatted. It was really low key but perfect :) 

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage recipe?

All For Now,


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Steak and {the best} Asparagus {in the world}

One weekend I had the urge to cook! I made chicken salad for lunch on Saturday. This recipe set for dinner that night, and then a coffee cake for breakfast Sunday. It was really fun! Sometimes a girl just really needs to cook!

This particular recipe set is especially good for a date night in. Seriously you impress the socks off of your date, man or woman I promise!

Garlic-y Steak

Your favorite steak X's 2 
Salt and Pepper Rub
Mustard, White Wine, Garlic, beef broth, salt and pepper sauce.

1) Rub steaks with salt and pepper {yes really, that's all you need}
2) Cook to desired "done-ness", while cooking stir together other ingredients over medium heat until combined.
3) Top steaks with asparagus spears {below} and sauce. 
4) enjoy!

{The Best Asparagus in the World}

*note* if you don't like asparagus, or your date doesn't or whoever really I can promise you that this recipe will change your mind.


Olive Oil
Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

1) Rinse asparagus.
2) Trim asparagus to correct length. {this is a very important {yet easy} process that makes ALL the difference}
a) hold both ends of the asparagus
b) pull both ends down with even pressure on both ends until the asparagus snaps and breaks.
c) the "head" end is the part you keep, the other part disgard. *at this point you may feel like you are wasting food and money but if you cook this part as well you will not be pleased. Its too tough to eat*
3) Place "head" ends of the asparagus in a dish and drizzle with olive oil.
4) sprinkle with sea or kosher salt to taste
5) grill on an outdoor grill or george foreman grill for 4-5 minutes.


{wasn't that delicious!?!?}

Serve the garlic-y steak and asparagus with a potato of some kind we've done both mashed and baked before!

All for now,