Thursday, April 16, 2015

Most Days Lately // Netflix, Budgeting, & Double my Hours

Hi everyone! Spring is in full swing here in Kansas, everything is gorgeous and blooming. April also happens to be the busiest month ever.

Why is that? April and October, every year.

Because I really like my coworkers and we have been absolutely swamped with a new project these days, I've been working 35-40+ hour weeks instead of my usual 20-25. Which I am happy to do, because I want the project to be a success.... but it is definitely an unexpected change. It will be SO good for the paycheck.... but it's got me worn out! April is also the month where I am trying to prep for a Bridal Show, my first one.... and I haven't exactly had time. : / 

That's what the next few weeks are for... right? eek.

Most nights I get home, and force myself to do some sort of cooking-like ritual (we're budgeting too), eat with half closed eyes, and then watch #allthetv , #allthenetflix , and all the #youtube until I must sleep. It's both awful and amazing to spend evenings this way.

Here's what I have been watching with (and without) KC:
Have you guys been watching any of these? I have gotten hooked on these Pemberly Digital Youtube series! So fun. And yes... I'm only 3 years behind the LBD boat. I would also like to point out, that I feel like a Gilmore these past few weeks, TV is all they did. ;) Minus the take out. Because, did I mention budgeting?

Real quick, this is amazing:

So far, we're more-or-less on track with our first week of rigid budgeting... not perfect. But pretty darn close. It's nice to have more of a guideline, I think we will be really good at it eventually. And it's nice to know that our 'guesstimation' numbers were pretty spot-on for each area within our budget. If Starbucks didn't exist.... 

Things are slowing down some at work, so I am able to spend some time in the afternoons to get other things done. Like bits of bridal show work, and Cinderella Free Fall.... whichever seems more doable at the time. It's a work in progress. 

I feel like we have a lot of things pending right now. Job opportunities, creative endeavors, and upcoming trip ideas.... it's a lot not to know. I'm trying not to think about it, by you know, watching more Netflix.

So, as usual, we're balancing productivity and uncertainty, youtube and meal plans, improving things little by little, and trying not to push myself too hard. 

Just typing this has me feeling more tired than when I started... but I'm glad I finally had a second to type something for this space! I miss it!

What are you all up to?!?!?!?