Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pattern Mix + Firmoo Review

Howdy All, can you believe February is almost over?!?

It has been such a blur. Though it shouldn't be a shock that February felt just as busy as January was. I haven't had time to read any blogs in what feels like weeks!! Thanks for sticking with reading this, I promise I'll catch up soon! :)

I have been doing a really fun IG challenge called #StyleMeFeb with stylist @HilaryRushford, each day gives you a prompt and it has been a blast coming up with fun outfits. This is one of my favorites, and it happened to be from the day I got my Firmoo glasses in the mail.

I just love this striped t-shirt with my utility vest. And since it's been rather chilly in my work place... I've been layering on lots and lots of scarves.

I love the way this one looks with the stripes. Finding a pair of clearance leopard flats at Target topped it all off. A steal at just $8!

Tee: TJMaxx, $20 - Old
Skinnies: TJMaxx, $16 - Old
Scarf: TJMaxx, $10 - Old
Vest: TJMaxx, $10, Clearance - Old
Flats: Target, $8, Clearance
Glasses: c/o, Firmoo

Total: $63
Recent Total: $18

A few weeks ago I got the chance to review a pair of glasses from Firmoo, being a girl who loves glasses... I was jumped at the chance! I used their custom online ordering system to find a pair that would look right on my face shape and size before ordering. Minus the fact that I always raise one eye brow.. can you see it? haha :) 

The online system is very cool. You upload a photo of yourself and enter your PDI (look it up here) and then you can see what it will look like on you. Once I figured out the PDI thing, and how to get my pictures to upload rotated the correct direction this tool was really useful.

I selected these round sort of frames, something unlike what I currently own, but in a tortoise - my go-to color. While ordering I was trying to verify that I was getting 'readers' and I must have spaced, and ordered burgundy instead. Oh, well. The customer service team was very helpful and said that I could review again sometime and get a tortoise pair. I hope so, the burgundy isn't my best color. Lemonade, right?

The glasses themselves are very nice, they are sturdy and come with quality protected lenses. Along with the glasses you receive a hard case, cleaning cloth, and toolkit. Very smart. :)

The prices are excellent and the shipping is quick! I would highly recommend using Firmoo, though I would caution you all to quadruple check your info before ordering, I found it difficult to edit the items in my cart! - I'm told this process is being improved. :)

Check out their First Pair Free Program.

What do you think? Have you ever ordered glasses online? Have you tried Firmoo?

What is your go-to pattern mix formula?



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why I Love a Road Trip // Reflections

Road trips are so good for the soul.

There is something truly important about seeing what is in between here and there.

Seeing how the trees change. How the color of the highway differs. The names of the towns and rivers in between. The interesting people you meet or observe along the way.

Where the Southern accent starts, fades, and then doesn't exist at all.

How the food changes, and how much the portion sizes differ from one city to the next.

Where the forest changes to swamp. Where the farmland turns into desert. Where rocks and sand meet oceans.

The towns that time forgot. Some that were left behind entirely.

You can learn a lot about your country on the road.

A lot of self-reflection can be done there too.

Things get clearer when you're out of your element. Decisions are easily made. What's most important becomes obvious. It's easier to be grateful for what you have when you're exposed to what else exists.

Meaningful and hilarious conversations can be had with your car mates. New plans can be made, ideas can be expanded upon. Ballads are belted, raps are rapped, and perhaps there is dancing, or head banging from time to time.

Facing challenges make you stronger on the road.

Navigating a new place, detours, and construction in that new place. Facing torrential downpours, and blizzards, realizing that your tickets are for tonight and not tomorrow. Overcoming these challenges far from home make you stronger.

Life happens on the road, when we aren't too busy to see it out there.

Have you taken road trips?

What are your favorite parts of a road trip?

Thank you for reading,


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Orleans Anniversary Trip // Day 1 // January 2015

You might remember this post, the one where KC surprised me with an Christmas gift/Anniversary trip combo.

We spent a few days in New Orleans at the beginning of the year. It was such a needed break. A good chance to spend time together, and a nice break from all of the holiday and end-of-the-year chaos. :)

Here are some details from our trip. I'm going to try to keep these shorter... because not only is scrolling through the huge posts hard... writing and editing for them is a draining task. So let's split it all up! :)

Our first day back in the city was amazing. I'll be honest and say that I was worried that I wouldn't love NOLA as much as I did the first time... but I loved it more.

We spent most of the day walking and exploring the Quarter again. We started with breakfast and beignets at Cafe Beignet, amazing.

Then we walked around enjoying the warm air and the liveliness of the city. Admiring the beautiful colored walls, doors, gates, and arches.

We passed a shop that had the most incredible collection of rare antique coins, maps, and weapons. It was sight to behold. KC had a good time there, and I know my dad would have LOVED it.

We browsed a beautiful vintage store, the piece that I actually would have bought was WAY out of my budget, so I just admired things on the hanger.

(not all of the prices were that high... I've just been told that I'm good at falling in love with the most expensive things. : /  )

We stopped by Johnny's to try a po' boy for lunch. This is the most famous place to get them, so we waited in line for a bit.

It was ok, but perhaps we didn't pick the correct option out of the 50-some choices...?

After that we walked around Jackson Square and went inside of the Saint Louis Cathedral (the oldest cathedral in the US), something we didn't get to do last time.

It was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not catholic, but (as an ex-art history major) I have a love of art and architecture.... so this was a treat. :)

Then we may have had more beignets... thank goodness for all of the walking!

Then we went back to rest before going back out to the Music Legends park and eating dinner at the second Cafe Beignet, and enjoying the live music.

We grabbed drinks at the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone again on our walk back to our hotel.

It was very busy, as it was a weekend this time... but it was nice.... and I always love a Pimm's Cup.

Have you ever gone back to a place you visited before? -did you feel differently about the place you visited?

See Day 2, and Day 3 Pt. 1, Day 3 Pt. 2, and Day 4.

See our first trip to NOLA.

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Polka Dotted, Lack of Spots

Hi everyone! I hope that you had a lovely weekend and Valentine's Day. 

We went to IKEA (with about 1,000 other Kansascitians...) and then to see The Princess Bride at a local old theater. We ended the night with Keira Knightly's P&P. (KC picked again, such a keeper!) It was a really fun day! :) We also made each other some fun Valentine's/Gifts. But I'll have to share all of that later this week.

This week's linkup with The Creative Closet has the theme polka dots. Upon seeing this I opened my closet to see a sad lack of polka dots. I think I must have some hiding in tubs of clothes somewhere... it is beyond time to clean out all of the stuff I have packed up!

What I did find were a few polka dotted scarves, so I went with that. :)

I also shared this look on Instagram for a fun challenge called #StyleMeFeb with @hilaryrushford , it really has me stretching my wardrobe! :)

Blazer: FXXI, $24 - Old
Tee: FXXI, $7 - Old
Skinnies: TJMaxx, $16 - Old
Ankle Booties: TJMaxx, $35
Scarf: Target, $15 - Old
Glasses: Peepers, NOLA boutique, $20

Outfit Total: $117
Recent Total: $55

Luckily, I went to the thrift store over the weekend, for the first time in months, and I found two cute polka dotted blouses ($4 & $2), so the polka dot void has been filled! 

What type of holes do you have in your wardrobe?



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY Watercolor Mani for Valentine's Day // Lazy Girl Basics

I love having polish on my nails, but often when I try to do something super fancy... it fails. Which is such a bummer. We've all been there right? The first step is done, you go to add the easy half moon or tip... and the whole nail is botched. Surely I'm not the only one.

Well this manicure is great* for two reasons:

1) It's easy, and it doesn't have to be perfect. (shaky hands? no big deal, lack of polish finesse? even better). In fact this mani looks better the more varied it is!

2) You can actually do this on top of a chipped mani. Yep. Those once pretty nails can be refreshed starting with the second step of this process. No more chips, pretty nails again!

Sound good? Here we go.

Supplies & Prep:

Prepped Nails (w/ base coat applied & dried)
1 Light Colored Nail Polish (I used 100% Pure's 12:51)
1 Darker Colored Nail Polish (I used Essie's 'Jelly Apple' (red), but also liked 'plumberry' (pink))
Top Coat
Remover etc. for touch ups

1) Apply your lighter color to all of your nails. Be patient. Let dry.

2) Apply darker color over the top of each nail. Start about halfway down and fill in with strokes to the top. Do this in strips to give it a more 'painted' type look. You can decide if you want to use less polish and make it look watercolor-y or more polish, which will look more like an oil painting. Don't worry if some parts are thicker than others, if there are curves or indentions in your polish, the variance will make it look more artsy. :) Let dry, completely.

3) Add top coat. Let dry again. 

Another way you could try this mani is with a darker color on the bottom and a metallic color over the top.

I personally think this would be really pretty with a lilac and a plum, or a gold over a bright pink. Or black with nude or white. See? really anything works. :)

You are one step closer to being a manicure master.

What are you planning for this weekend?

My v-day inspiration, here, and outfit, here.

Happy Valentine's Day!



*Disclaimer: It's not for everyone, it's kind of got an artsy flair to it, you can't be into perfection. But, if you want to go with the flow, and don't mind asymmetry... this is for you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Funny Valentine's Outfit // It's Not Actually Funny...

Valentine's Day is Saturday, and if you couldn't tell I'm a little bit excited.

This week I am linking up a Valentine's Day look with the girls from the Creative Closet.

I wanted to chose something pretty, and in Valentine's hues, but nothing too formal or fancy.

I decided to pair this thrifted red blazer with a creamy lace tee for a girly but structured look. I chose dark wash skinnies, cuffed above the ankle, and tan ankle booties to round it off.

I think this is an outfit that I would be comfortable in on many different types of Valentine's dates. A girl's night, Chinese food & bowling, a movie and ice cream...

Tee: $20?, TJMaxx, Old - similar
Blazer: $6, Goodwill - similar
Skinnies: $16, TJMaxx, Old
Ankle Booties: $35, TJMaxx - similar
Earrings: Dillard's, $20?, OLD - similar 1 & 2
Clutch: VS Pink, $20, Old - similar

Total: $97
Recent Total: $41

What are you hoping to do this Valentine's Day?

Netflix and Ice Cream is 100% an acceptable answer... and sounds pretty darn good to me! :)

Like this? Check out my V-day mani here



Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Inspiration // 2015

Oh Valentine's Day, you stole my heart when I was just a little girl. Wandering through the pink and red aisles at Walgreen's, marveling at the 'romantic cards' and 'cute teddy bears'.

While the holiday comes off quite a bit more commercial now, my love of romance, and of all things girly hasn't faded in the least.

I want to celebrate and treat my loved ones as much as possible, so if Valentine's Day is another reason, sign me up!

Here are some photos from Pinterest that have really been inspiring me this year!

 via // via // via

via // via // via

via // via // via

via // via // via

via // via // via

Check out my Valentine's Day outfit, here, and my DIY mani here.

What about you, are you a Valentine's Day lover? - Or not so much?

Either way I'll just be out collecting red and pink washi tape, and heart-shaped sprinkles.



Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Longest Friends // Mirror Image

Hi everyone! I hope you had an excellent weekend and a good start to this week. I can't believe it's almost Wednesday again. :)

Nashville was so much fun, I can't wait to share some about it. There's nothing like two days away to make everything feel new again. :) It's so nice being on the road too, very different from flying. :)

This week The Creative Closet is linking up with the theme 'Mirror Image'. So I thought I would share a look that I wore at one of my longest friends' wedding over the summer!

As soon as I purchased this maxi skirt I was on Pinterest for hours searching combinations. These were two of my favorite, and sort of morphed to form what I chose to wear. :)

I just love this mustard maxi skirt. It's so comfy and always makes me feel pulled together. Pairing it with the black lace peplum top gave me some contrast in texture, but also defined my waist... which is always a plus!

Blouse: TJMaxx, $20, Old, similar.
Skirt: TJMaxx, $37, Old, similar.
Sandals: Kohls, $20, Old, similar.
Statement Necklace: $26, Francesca's, similar.
Earrings: Target, $8, similar 1 & 2.
Bag: Gap, gift, old.

Outfit Total: $111
Recent Total: $46

Because my friend Hannah is so artistic, I wanted to wear something fun to her wedding. This fit the bill, adding the light turquoise accessories made it just a little more colorful. :)

Hannah and I met in preschool and were the very best of friends through 4th grade. Then her family moved to Iowa, and we kept in touch via snail mail and later social media. She's one of those amazing friends that you can pick up with right where you left off! I was so glad that we got to go to her wedding!

Her wedding was one of my favorites I've been to. It was so special to see someone I have known for so long say 'I do'. 

It was doubly special because she and her parents made the same 4 hour drive to our wedding a few years ago. :) 

It was also particularly awesome that they had a morning wedding.

A beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by a breakfast buffet, complete with a donut cake.

Just adorable. If I could do it again, I think a morning wedding would be the way to go!

Do you also have a love of maxi skirts? 

Have you ever gone to a wedding that was especially special to you?