Friday, May 24, 2019

Have You Heard? // "A Whole New World" - Aladdin Soundtrack // Throwback

Happy Friday Friends! Sometimes KC and I talk about our favorite Disney movies... I mean *OFTEN*.. and it is so hard to choose!

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When I was a kid The Little Mermaid was my favorite. As an adult I love SO MANY OF THEM. I think if I had to choose (at least princess-wise) I would pick Sleeping Beauty from the older ones, and Tangled from the newer ones. But I always remember how swoony Aladdin is... and I can't but help love it too. :)

Here's a throwback from the 1992 version...

Le swoon!

Here's the 2019 movie version...

Pretty true to the original!

I am SO EXCITED to see this movie tonight! :) If you haven't seen the trailer, here it is. I just watched it again and got chills, which seems like a good sign.

Are you excited? On my Instagram story I have a poll running and I think about 60% are excited to see it. If it is Disney and not sad, I am here for it!

What are you up to this weekend?!

Aside from Aladdin tonight we are going to see my family tomorrow and then hopefully getting some things done around the house... and having some downtime! Things have been super busy lately!

I hope that you have a great one!



Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Snapshots of the Northeast // Days 1 & 2 // Boston // October 2018

Back in October we flew out to Boston to meet up with our friends Brittany and Tyler and their little one Ada. We spent an evening and a day in Boston before heading out on a Northeast road trip. Stay tuned for snapshots from Salem, MA, Portland, ME, The White Mountains, NH, Galusha Farms,VT, and a teeny tiny bit of time in Providence, RI.

Edward Cullen??

I was in love with this pretty green restroom. LOL

These are spools of thread!

Mermaid Spotted in Boston.

We ate hear back in 2013!

Eat: we definitely had as much lobster as possible on our trip...
  • Giacomo's Ristorante - This place was SO GOOD. If you like pasta, you are set. I had the lobster ravioli (divine), KC had a seafood pasta (super good), Tyler had the Butternut Squash Ravioli (which he swears by), and Brittany tried something with prosciutto and peas. The dessert was also super good. This place is small so you might have a wait, it was worth it for us though. 
  • James Hook & Co. - KC wanted a lobster roll after dreaming about the one he had in NYC for over a year. This place was just ok, but we might have caught them at a busy time. Super simple menu, fun outdoor seating. Wouldn't particularly recommend unless you are very near.
  • Granary Tavern - We did not eat here on this trip, but we did get a little bit of nostalgia seeing this place on a walk. We loved eating here back in 2013
  • Ghiradelli - We stopped for a milkshake at Ghiradelli. KC loved it. LOL
  • Doyle's Pub - We were looking for an Irish Pub, and this was the closest that google got us. It was in a suburb of the city and had a cool vibe, but very little Irish or Irish American food. I had lobster mac and cheese that was just ok and KC got some pub nachos that he really enjoyed. 
See: Market Areas, Faneuil Hall, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


  • Brattle Book Shop - Indoor/outdoor bookstore. Honestly it is a bit of a crapshoot on the collection outside, but it is fun to dig and to be in a big bookstore. Found a few things inside.
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner MuseumWe always like to catch an art museum on our trips. Since we hadn't spent a lot of time in Boston before we chose the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum because it was smaller than the MFA. This home-turned-museum was fascinating and filled with sculptures, relics, and art. I wouldn't like to live there, but it was definitely fascinating. Worth the visit if you're in the city. So cool that ISG had a portrait of her and her daughter painted by John Singer Sargeant as well. Wow! The Common Threads exhibit was interesting as well. I particularly enjoyed the random green bathroom!
  • Faneuil Marketplace - We visited South Market and had fun walking around the area. We saw an antique printing press where they were printing copies of the declaration of independence which was cool. This is mostly a shopping area, but a good place to stop for a snack or shopping.

Stay: We stayed with our friends in Boston on the days in the city.

Favorites: Lobster Ravioli, The Green Bathroom, and the Paintings at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

New Experiences: Lobster Ravioli. :) 

Have you been to Boston? 
What were some of your favorite things to do? 

Do you have any fun trips coming up?! We are heading somewhere really exciting in December! Any guesses?!

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Happy Travels!