Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Snapshots of One Republic & The Script // August 2014

When One Republic's song 'Counting Stars' came out, I was obsessed... I kept thinking, I just want to hear this live. So when we heard that they were coming to KC, we decided to buy tickets and try our hand at another pop concert. And I am surprisingly glad that we did.
The show was at Starlight Theater, a venue that we haven't visited for a normal concert, or at all in quite a while. It is a really nice outdoor venue. There are plenty of seats, the atmosphere is wonderful and it is a beautiful location.

The show was on a weeknight, so we weren't really able to make it to see American Authors.... but we did catch all of The Script's set before One Republic went on.

I don't know a lot of The Script's music, but I do like what I know. I especially love their song 'For the First Time'-- possibly because it was so relate-able during my college time. I just feel like I can really connect to the message of working your hardest through life, even when it seems impossible. And how you need your loved ones most during those times. So, hearing this live was also really cool for me. In general, they put on a really good show, I wish it would have been dark when they went on, but it's summer in Kansas... or Missouri I guess. :) The lead singer kept running through the crowd which was fun, because it was a huge place, and he wasn't just weaving through the front section. At one point he asked for people who had been hurt by an ex to volunteer their phones for the next song. He took a phone from a girl in the front and called her ex and sang 'Nothing' to him through the phone. It was unexpected and a crowd pleaser. I bet that her ex wasn't expecting that! :)

Before The Script left the stage they really praised One Republic, saying they were 'true musicians'. At first I thought, 'ok, that's nice they like the band they are touring with.' 'Everyone, sort of does that...' But once One Republic started performing, I realized that they were beyond sincere about what they had said. These guys really can sing, play and perform. I was honestly amazed by the talent up on that stage!

One Republic went on after it got a bit darker, they started with a screen down in front of the stage, which left the audience with a silhouette effect, with strategic moving light bursts. It was possibly the coolest concert intro I've ever seen.

After that the show continued with many songs I've heard and haven't heard. But the whole time I was amazed at how evident it was that these men had serious vocal and instrumental talent. It wasn't full of autotuning, lip syncing, or low effort performing... this was the real deal. Now I have a handful of new songs to add to my iTunes library as well.

There was one point in the show when they played 'Come Home' and showed images of Kansas City on their screen. It was really emotional (not even being a KC resident), and also just really neat to see the sky line, the plaza fountains and the shuttlecocks up on screen. :)

They also did an incredible mashup of M83's 'Midnight City' with their own 'Good Life'. Which I know does sound like it would work, but it does. 

Aside from the incredibly tall, incredibly high people in front of us's crazy swaying and groping... it was a really great show, and a really great night! I really look forward to listening to more music from both bands, and I think I would even go see them live again! --and that's high praise, especially for an impulse-buy kind of show!

It should also be noted that this is the first time we have seen people we know at a concert or heard they were there and didn't know it ahead of time. Fun. :)

Have you ever seen The Script or One Republic live?

What is your favorite song?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What If We See A Movie on the Way Home From Iowa?

See what i did there?

...probably not as good as 'About Time We Had a Date Night...' (here)...but I'm going with it....

Last weekend we went to a wedding for my elementary school BFF (more on this later!). It was in Iowa, the city was just a little over 4 hours from us. We drove up early in the morning and then drove back after the wedding. That put us near Kansas City close to dinner time, so we thought, why not see a movie...?

When we saw 'Wish I Was Here' a few weeks ago (more on this later too whoops!), we saw several previews for movies that looked good. One of them being 'What If' a semi - indie romcom starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. (trailer here.)

The plot follows Wallace (Radcliffe) who is in a life rut, until he meets Chantry (Kazan). The only trick is, she has a boyfriend. He agrees to be friends with her (knowing the situation up front), and throughout the movie both hilarious and dramatic situations arise.

I really appreciated the silly banter and quirky conversation topics, they reminded me of the bits on Gilmore Girls, though this movie's dialogue had more of a focus on poop than GG... Regardless, I liked hearing the dialogue between the different characters. It covers a range from nerdy & expectant to know-it-all fun facts. It was a little dirtier than I had imagined it would be, but I think overall it comes across in a really silly sarcastic way. Either way, I appreciated seeing a depiction of young adults that wasn't so typical, and felt considerably more real.

I found it refreshing to watch the characters have supremely awkward conversations and interactions. From Radcliffe's spazzy club dancing to ill fated conversations about cool whip, the characters will keep you laughing and cringing . I felt like I could really relate to them, and not just because I'm a pretty spazzy dancer myself.

I also appreciated that it didn't take the typical depiction of the 'you can't live your life if you're in a serious relationship' theme that is currently so prevalent in shows and movies related to young adults. I know a lot of this feeling is simply because KC and I have been in a long term relationship for part of our teens and all of our twenties.... but that also means that I know it's true. You can be a happy, adventurous, successful person while you are in a relationship. These things are not exclusively reserved for the single and career-only-minded. (hopping off soapbox now..)

Things this movie will make you want to do:

Move to Canada (or any big city): I'm not sure how often it comes up in my posts, but I am a self-appointed Canadiophile. And, I'm pretty sure I made up the term... but I am a little obsessed with all things Canadian. It seems rare for a movie in mainstream US theaters to take place in Canada. This one was filmed mostly in Toronto.... and I can promise it will have you jones-ing for the quirky, boldly lit, & eclectic city life.

Raid Chantry's wardrobe: She has sort of a artsy/indie look going on, with lots of classics thrown in there. You'll be swooning over her quirky eye wear, effortless layering skills, bright coats, vintage inspired blouses and pretty party dresses. Just be prepared, you may really want to shop afterward.... or experiment with your full closet..

Be more spontaneous: Not only do these characters do things that are um, well, spontaneous.... (think skinny dipping & jetting off on a whim), they also happen to do quirky things throughout the movie (like shopping in Chinatown, knitting with the girls, and ping pong dates), it will make you want to go out and try something new or maybe do something just a little reckless.

Be in love: duh. :) In love with life, love, & friends.

Overall I really loved this movie. It left me feeling happy and refreshed. Really craving travel, fun, & new experiences. I think it can be so easy to get into routines that we forget what it's like to do something a little crazy. Even if that's just trying a new ice cream flavor.

We saw this movie at the 'Cinetopia' in OP, mostly for the showtime. The prairie fire area was really neat, and the natural history museum was awesome, so gorgeous from the outside! The theatre itself didn't live up to the hype or price. While the seats were comfy.... the popcorn (that KC waited 20 minutes!! in line for) was sub par, no one took my ticket, and the bathrooms were severely lacking toilet paper after our show. Plus it took the people next to us 40 + minutes to get their wine (that they ordered before the movie) brought to them. It could have been a fluke, but it was quite constant throughout our time there. It seems unlikely that we will go back with much intention, unless we are wanting to see a major blockbuster on the IMAX sized screens.

Have you seen 'What if'? What did you think?

Have you been to the OP 'Cinetopia'? How was your experience?



All movie images via Google. Toronto image via Pinterest.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Have you Been To the Pacific Northwest? // Trip Planning

Hello everyone! KC and I are planning a fall trip to the Pacific Northwest! This trip has been a long time coming, and we are REALLY excited. We are looking to spend time in Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver. 

Have you ever been to any of these places? We would love recommendations on accommodations, restaurants, transportation, shopping, attractions, activities etc. from anyone and everyone!

Our travel style:

-keep it eclectic (variety is the spice of our travel life)
-we are foodies, but budget foodies
-coffee is essential
-thrift & local shopping, bookstores, and art for me
-anything nerdy, impressive desserts, and outdoorsy spots for him

We are planning on spending about a week between these three destinations (it is never long enough, I know!) in the early part of October!

Thank you in advance, we are excited to read about your favorites and experiences in the region! 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Embracing My Inner Nerd // Guardians of the Galaxy

Hi there, if you've dropped by recently you may have noticed that this blog has undergone a makeover and now has a shiny new layout. The tabs are still undergoing a little bit of adjustment (so indecisive!) and if you want to read the 'about me' section, that's really just too bad... haha Anyhow, I just wanted to write about something a little nerdy in the meantime.

I am not a huge fan of super hero movies. Some I like a lot more than others, but in general, it probably won't be my idea to go see one or rent one. It's just not my thing.

So, when KC suggested that we go see Guardians of the Galaxy, I was like 'sure.........' Knowing he rarely suggests a movie that I don't already want to see, I figured it was good to go ahead and say yes. A night at the movies with my love, where's the bad? He kept saying how good he had heard it was, and I kept hearing the same thing. But to be perfectly honest... other than who was in the movie and a vague image of their characters, I had NO idea what I was going to see.

And... I can honestly tell you... that this movie was absolutely amazing.

I was so surprised how into it I was. I was riveted. And I would honestly go see it again, buy the soundtrack and eventually the DVD. :)

For anyone who is curious: It is sort of a companion to the Avengers, but it is about a human who is taken up into space and who works as a scavenger selling valuable items. Through a series of events he bands together with four other misfits for a whirlwind adventure.

What you actually need to know:

Chris Pratt is hilarious and super good-looking. So much of his charm comes from his humor... which is so refreshing in a 'super hero'. He's still got the troubled past, but he isn't so serious. (plus the movie gives me Everwood flashbacks! Anyone else? )

The characters are lovable and clever. And it's nice to see a misfits as heroes. Drax (big guy on the right) is extra hilarious to me, because he doesn't understand non-literal language... it's just really funny.

Zoe Sandala will make you want to paint your skin green for Halloween. I already liked her, but she's just really awesome in action roles.

The throwback music if fantastic.

So, consider going to see it, keep your mind open for something funny and unexpected. Let me know what you think if you see it! :)

I think I can safely say, seeing this movie can cross off the item on my Summer Bucket List 'Do Something Unexpected'.

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? What did you think?

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