Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream Honeymoon Ideas

Dream Honeymoon Ideas

Recently I have been really struck by the desire to travel. I just get that itch. We went to St. Louis in early May which was really refreshing but I'm starting to feel that way again. Sometimes I just need to get out for a little bit. However I am taking three summer classes so the likelihood of me getting out of here this summer isn't too likely. 

So what do you do to supplement? 

Plan dream honeymoons. 

Now this might be silly, but its slightly less silly because we actually do need to plan a honeymoon of some kind. We will officially be getting married in December now {New Year's Eve!}! So we want a winter appropriate place. After doing some searching around we may have just found the place... but nothing is finalized yet.. and we want to keep it a secret a bit longer. 

So in the mean time... 

we want to know.. 

Where is your dream honeymoon destination? 

What would you do and see while you are there? 

We would love to hear your ideas!