Thursday, February 25, 2016

Outfit Motivation .... // When It's Not *that* Freezing

Hellloooo from the road! I hope you guys are having a great week! :)

Lately, the weather here has been warmer and breezy. I find myself wanting to try a little harder getting dressed from time to time! :)

I have two friends who started selling LuLaRoe recently, and while I was skeptical at first... I'm loving shopping their FB boutiques and getting to know LLR a little better. I bought this great pencil skirt... The "Cassie" and decided I should finally wear it out and about.

I don't do fashion posts that often anymore... so here you have it!

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Kenneth Cole via TJMaxx, $45 - Old
Shirt: Target via The Salvation Army, $5 - Old
Skirt: LuLaRoe "Cassie", $35
Tights: Target, Clearance, $6(?) - Old
Leopard Flats: Target, Clearance, $20(?) - Old

Total: $117
Recent Total: $35

A Note About Pattern Mixing:

Aside from my jacket, every  piece I am wearing in this outfit has a pattern. The skirt has a very faint quilted chevron-ish texture to it. The tights are black leopard print, the shoes are leopard print, the shirt is plaid. This may sound like a lot, but it's well balanced by the fact that my tights and skirt are subtly patterned with a texture in the same colors. This makes it easier to pull off!

Let's also agree, leopard print is essentially a neutral. Which means it pairs SO well in any pattern mix. Plaid, floral, stripes, dots... just get some flats and wear them all. the. time.

What have you all been wearing lately?

Anyone else love pattern mixing? What's your favorite combo?



Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Currently // February 2016

Reading: Scarlet, Bridget Jones's Diary, and The Heir. 

All very good!! Scarlet was riveting, so much more invested in Cinder etc. now! Bridget Jones's Diary was just hilarious and delightful! Tore through The Heir and liked it more than expected based on what I had heard about it! :) (Look for full February reading recaps coming in early March). Up Next: Dumplin', Cress, and Me Before You.

Watching: iZombie, Jane the Virgin, and Gilmore Girls.

KC and I finished season 1 of iZombie on Netflix. I will maintain that while the name is awful, and the plot sounds kinda lame... THIS SHOW IS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD! It's by the same writer as Veronica Mars. It's SO clever, and quite a bit darker than I expected... I LOVE it! I really wish I could start season 2 now... but alas... I must wait... I do promise in all of this... that I am not typically "into zombies" as well.

We are currently working to finishing season 1 of Jane the Virgin on Netflix as well. It's so funny. This show is so AMAZINGLY funny. We're very close to the end, and yet I kind of want to start over when we finish! It really makes me want to visit Miami! :) 

We are also having Gilmore Girls nights every other week with some good friends. The host/hostess make dinner, we bring a cake from the "Cake Magic" book I reviewed recently. Then we watch Gilmore Girls. We're still in season 1... but the nights are quite successful so far, and it's great to see friends more! :)

Listening to: Vance Joy & Elle King

We went to Vance Joy's Fire and the Flood tour in KCMO the other night. Elle King opened (how could we even pass those tickets up right?!). Both of them were INCREDIBLE! Finally seeing Vance Joy for a full set was great, Elle King knocked it out of the park. She is delightful and mega talented. I was blown away by her voice! Jamie Lawson was a notable opener, he is the first artist under Ed Sheeran's label. :)

Working On: Lots of fun things for Simply Alexandra Stationery!

1 set of wedding invitations + RSVP cards, 3 sets of save the dates, 3 custom stamps, 1 set of business labels, substitute teacher sheets, and some hand addressed envelopes! + a few very fun quote prints! Playing around with my watercolor skills! Follow along with my stationery page, here.

Headed to: Houston + Galveston! A much needed getaway!

Our last few trips (Alaska, Florida, Arizona) were work or family based more-so than for the sake of traveling. They had their fun parts, but we are really looking forward to a "just for fun, just for travel" trip for just the two of us. :) Still in the early-ish planning stages for this trip... but I'm super excited to getaway and see something new. Houston has a great Museum of Fine Arts, a cool food truck scene, and lots of new things to see. Galveston is warm and beachy. All of the above will be a great change of pace for us! :)

Have you been? I would love your recommendations!

Buying: .... #allthethings .... 

I've been purchasing bras, as goal for the year. And I LOVE some of the ones I've found!! Also, some new pairs of Hanky Pankies. 

I also made two trips to TJMaxx. I bought some L.L. Bean-style lace up winter boots (debating returning... it's so warm.... but next winter they would be great... and were not expensive....?) and a great navy jacket on my first trip. My second trip, I got two pairs of black 7 Jeans skinnies in my size on clearance for $20 each(!), A striped boatneck tee, a new utility vest (mine has always been a little smaller than I'd like), A navy tee with flowy panel on the back, some ADORABLE brown sandals with fringe. Very excited for consistent warm weather so I can wear these all. the. time.

I also bought a lot of little things this month.... for example.... St. Patrick's Day cocktail napkins, LOTS of magazines, a copy of The Siren by Kiera Cass, two pairs of LuLaRoe leggings, a candle with my Honest bundle, a "Good Vibes Only" banner for my office, a used copy of an American Girl book I didn't have.... you get the picture... lots of spending. (but pretty darn conscious spending all things considered!) - okay, maybe not the magazines....


Thank you to Lisa, for sharing her decluttering progress this month! Last weekend I finally had time to make some progress in this area as well! I bagged up my donate pile, sorted through my "I thrifted too much" cabinet and re-evaluated it's contents, cleaned out a few bags and boxes of miscellany, sorted through some piles of paperwork, got the Xmas stuff back into storage, and tried on EVERY shirt/jacket/sweater in my closet!!! That's really pretty good progress!! I also dug through my PJs, workout clothes, camisoles, tights, socks, bras, undies, etc. Up next: I need to try on my dresses, skirts, and jeans this week, as well as sort through the kitchen cupboards, and coat closet! (we'll see how much we can fit in before we leave on our trip! This may be a March task as well! - which is totally fine with me!) :) 

Planning: San Francisco, Budgeting, KC's Bday, and Date Nights

March is always a pretty busy time. KC's bday is at the beginning of the month. I always try to stretch it out into a continual week-long sort of celebration. I've got some thoughts on this year, I'm pretty excited! We aren't technically traveling in March, but we are planning a trip to San Francisco in April! So we need to get on that... :P In addition to travel budgeting, we are trying to bolster our (previously-non-existent) savings account. Good for emergencies and future larger purchases. We've been trying to do a better job at saving, and I think we are still on track (despite magazines, see above). I also hope to plan some date nights... but they may be in conjunction with travel and/or KC's bday. :) We'll see!

Surprised By: KC Bought me a Gift!

KC is just about as thoughtful as they come, but this fella doesn't typically show his love via material gifts. It's just not his thing. He's much more of an "acts of service" and "quality time" type of guy. (which I love!) Well, recently he decided he wanted to get me a material gift, these pretty floral Kate Spade keds. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I've worn them a few times already, and I keep putting them back into the box to avoid any unfortunate cat situations. The best thing perhaps, is that they came on a day when I was feeling really crummy. It was a very good reminder to choose joy, and that when things seems kinda off, everything will turn just fine! Plus, the best thing of all, I've still got KC. :) 

What are you guys up to? 

What have you been loving lately?



Friday, February 19, 2016

What Should We Do In Houston & Galveston? // Calling All Travelers

Hi Guys! I hope you all had a great week and are excited for the weekend ahead!

KC and I decided to take a semi-impromptu trip to Houston & Galveston soon!

Has anyone been? Where should we eat, shop, see, etc?!

Recommendations so welcome and appreciated!! :)

We visited Texas (Ft. Worth, Austin, Corpus Christi, Kyle, and San Antonio) in 2012. And in 2013 we visited Garland and Amarillo. But we've never been to "East Texis" - as Sheldon Cooper would say. So we're excited! A mini gulf trip!

Are you guys planning any fun getaways this year?!?



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Long Distance Family

Today I miss my family.

My sister Jess is in sunny Arizona with Mom, Dad, and OE. And I'm feeling kinda lame, and wishing I was there too.

So here are a few more photos we took with Jennie Karges (of Jennie Karges Photography) while we were in Arizona.

Jess and her husband weren't in AZ for them, though I wish they could have been... we at least got a few family pictures. KC isn't really in these either... but ok, we got a few "partial family" photos. And I am grateful for that.

Maybe if we all end up there at the same time someday we can bring Jennie back for another shoot. :) I would love to have full family pictures! :)

Anyway, I don't have much to say, other than I am grateful to have a great family that makes me miss them so much. :) Check out O-Jo's glamour shot here! :) & The behind the scenes pic of Jennie taking this picture! #madskills :)

What are you guys up to?

If you missed my previous post about KC & I's Arizona shoot, you can see those here. If you want to see our pictures from our "Arizona Christmas," you can see those here.

If you live in the Phoenix area, or would love to go there for gorgeous photos, check out Jennie Karges on Facebook, Instagram, or visit her website. We highly recommend her.



Monday, February 15, 2016

12 Ways to Invest in Yourself This Year // New Year State of Mind

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's weekend, and for some of you, a long weekend! :)

I've been thinking a lot about how I spend my time, and where my energy goes during the day. I'm finding that more frequently than I would like ... the time and energy goes to things that aren't really benefiting me. So in another effort to focus on goals year-round.... I've come up with 12 ways to invest in yourself this year.

1) Take Stock & Update Your Basics

You probably read my speech on bras... but let's be real... when your undergarments and basics don't fit right, or are worn out, you feel worse. You are more self conscious, less likely to put effort into yourself, and none of that is good. If they aren't serving you... Get. Rid. of. Them. You're worth it. Underwear, bras, camisoles, jeans, shoes, tees... whatever you wear on a regular basis. Take stock and fill in gaps!

2) Buy Yourself 1 or 2 Things You've Been Needing or Wanting for a While

You know that thing you've been wanting or needing for months or years? The one you ask for for your birthday, or say "I'll get it next time?" Get that now. If you've been thinking about it for that long, chances are it's worth purchasing. It could be something as simple as a red nail polish or a book you've been wanting to read for ages. It might be something basic like brown ballet flats or a new wallet. Maybe it's something like fun, like a motivational print for your work space, or cute coffee mug. It doesn't really matter what it is... it matters that it matters to you.

3) Clean the Worst Spot in Your Home (the one that bothers you the most ... but you rarely have time to do when you're thinking about it)

You know the spot I'm talking about. The one behind the fridge, a particularly messy closet, the oven, a "junk" area. Wherever it is... take a moment to clean it up. Get it done. Then it won't be lingering in your mind anymore.

4) Get something off your chest

Sometimes there are things you just need to say. Maybe it's related to work. You've been meaning to ask your boss about a change or a raise. Maybe it's something you've been needing to share with your partner or a friend. Maybe it's related to something that's really hurting you. Perhaps it's something you've never said out loud, even just to yourself. Whatever it might be, work on getting it out in the open.

5) Do one Big Thing You've Been Putting Off

Maybe it's a purchase, a meeting, an appointment. For me, it's definitely going to the dentist. It just sits in the back of my mind... causing an anxiety that is so unnecessary. Some of these are easier than others, so take steps to get rid of them once and for all! Once you finish one, move on to another.

6) Get Rid of Negativity in Your Life

Are you holding onto something that carries a bad memory? Are you fixing something over and over, but it's still broken? Do you have something that you just don't like at all? Get it out of your house. There's no need to keep something like that around.

In a way, the same thing can be said for people in your life. Now clearly, people ARE NOT things. That is not at all what I am saying here. What I AM saying, is that when someone in your life is causing you hurt, or negativity... it's ok to let go of them. Maybe that means seeing them less. Maybe that means putting less energy into the relationship as you were before. Maybe that means not seeing them at all anymore. This is obviously something that varies tremendously... but sometimes it is SO very necessary to make a change like this for yourself. Take some time to carefully consider this, it can really make a big difference.

7) Buy or Save Up for Something Big That Will Improve Your Daily Life

For us, it's a new bigger bed, with a new mattress that will be better on my back. For you it could be a new car, a house, a new vacuum, a desk chair. Maybe it's a dishwasher, new towels, a yoga mat. This item could be big or small, if it is going to make a positive difference in your life, consider investing in that purchase, or taking steps to buying it.

8) Devote Time to One Thing You Love or Want for the Future

If you are anything like me, you feel the need to "do it all." Not only because there is pressure to do so, but because you genuinely want to do many things. I have so many interests, it's very hard to pursue them all at once. I suggest sitting down and deciding on one thing you've been wanting to do that will positively impact your life, and that will get you closer to a future goal you hold. For some it could be learning a skill; like cooking, sewing, gardening, a skill related to your job, or hobby, etc. It might be something that feels "really small" like learning how to shampoo your carpets. Maybe you want to stay at home with your future kids, and you want to get some "mom skills" down. Maybe you've always wanted to take a drawing class, or a drama course. Whatever it is, identify it, and make some space for it in your life. The thing you choose could change throughout the months or years. It's just important to know what you want, and to try it. Even if it changes along the way.

9) Invest in a Service, Class, or Treatment That Will Enhance Your Life or Make Things Easier on You

This is something I learned from ladies around me. It could be so many things that you choose, but it just needs to be something that will make your life easier. My grandmother has almost always had a cleaning service come to her house. Not because she can't clean, or because she's fabulously wealthy. Because, she just hates to do it. It makes her life harder. So she pays someone else to do it, so she can focus her energies elsewhere. I worked with a girl for a while, who worked a very modest job, she was very thrifty with her money, she almost never made "fun" purchases. But she did make sure to book regular massages. Why? Because she knew that was a major part of her de-stressing strategy. Maybe for you, it would be signing up for a fitness class so you had a designated time, place, and accountability for working out each week. Maybe it's a regular manicure appointment, because keeping your nails looking sharp gives you confidence and helps you feel put together. For us, it's been using The Honest Company to bundle our cleaning and hygienic products to have delivered to our home. It used to really stress me out trying to find the "greenest" products, and driving from store to store to pick them up. Or searching online, finally remembering to order them. Now I just update the bundle when they email me, and it's delivered to our home. It's cut down on those little trips, the stress, and it's saving us money. :)

10) Stop Doing Something That Isn't Serving You

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, there is probably something you are doing... that you don't actually *want* to be doing. You just aren't getting anything out of it, and it's taking up your precious time. Sometimes these are things we can't stop doing.... like working our jobs ... or you know, taxes. But other times, they are things that we don't need to do. Especially not all of the time. Maybe it's a club, or volunteering time that is more than you can actually commit to. Perhaps it is a link up that you don't actually care about joining. Maybe it's an exercise class that you don't really enjoy, or a committee that you don't feel involved in any more. Now, please don't just up and quit everything you're doing. But do evaluate your time. What are you doing, that you are doing for perception? Or because you "always" do it? And not because you love it, or because you feel involved in it.

11) Work on Relationships That Are Important to You

As I mentioned above, sometimes we need to retreat a little in unhealthy relationships. When doing so, there is also the opposite situation to consider. What relationships do I want to invest more in? Who is a good friend to me? Who do I want to make more time for? In all likelihood, when putting toxic relationships on the back burner, you'll have new-found energy to spend on those relationships that are healthy and fun. Maybe you want to send letters to good friends who have moved away. Maybe you want to text your sister more. Perhaps you want to get to know a new friend better. Maybe you need more date nights in your life, or you want to surprise your significant other more. Whatever it is, take stock and come up with some ideas on how to show them you care. Marking notes in your calendar like, "plan a date night for February," "send mail to mom," or "invite Hannah over for dinner," can help you keep these priorities.

12) Make Self Care a Priority

I have talked about self care a lot in the past year on this blog. We even came up with a list together of ways to take care of yourself. Odds are if you're taking care of your cats, or kiddos, or hubby, or roommate first and foremost. Not to mention your job, or school work, or home... you are probably putting yourself on the back burner. Which isn't good for you at all, and it's not making you more successful at any of those other priorities or with those people either. Re-read that list, write it in your planner each week to do at least one thing for just you. Because, you deserve to take care of yourself.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of 2016? "12 Quick Things to Start the New Year Off Organized," and "12 Ways to Travel More in 2016."

What are some ways you are planning to invest in yourself this year?

What are some that you really want to try?



Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!! // 2016

Hi Guys... Happy Weekend (almost!)!

I already posted some Around the World Vday Date Night ideas... but I just wanted to leave you with this sweet little comic. It's by Liz Climo.... and it's adorable. I pulled it from her Facebook page, because I think you guys need to know about her!!

If you aren't already in love with her adorable little animal comics... start following her here. Seriously, they're so cute and always make me smile.

I hope you have a great weekend!!

Any fun plans?!?

I'm hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend at home with KC... and maybe make some headway on the past few seasons of Downton.. it's only a matter of time before someone says, "and then the whole abbey caught on fire... and they all died!" LOL. No patience for spoilers... at all.



Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Around the World Valentine's Day Dates // 2016

Ah, Valentine's Day... I know some of you hate it, but stick with me here... Even if you aren't into commercialized holidays... who doesn't dream of jetting off somewhere fabulous with your fella, lady, friends... etc.?!?

While we can't always jet off somewhere exotic... we can usually get our hands on a good movie.

I have put together a few little movie night / themed dinner pairings that are perfect for a laid back date any night of the year, including (but not limited to) Feb. 14th. This would be great for Galentines as well!

These movies should be rent-able if not on Netflix/Amazon Prime. Much of the food can be found at World Market or the like. Pinterest is obviously a treasure trove of recipes for those who like to cook... I've linked some recipes into this post. Not your thing? Take out, my friends. Take out!

My Movie Coding:

RomCom = RC, Drama = D, Classic = C, Foreign = F, Period Drama = PD, Action = A, Mini Series = MS, Quirky/Indie = Q, Musical = M, Animated = AN.

* denotes a personal favorite of mine (and/or mine & KC's)


Music: Why not queue up some Celtic Woman or an Irish themed playlist?
Dinner: Shepard's Pie, Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef and Cabbage
Movies: Leap Year (RC), The Quiet Man (C), with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, or Tristan and Isolde (D) or Ondine (D).
Dessert: Bailey's Blondies or Irish Apple Cake.
Breakfast: Bailey's Spiked French Toast + Irish Coffee...?

It's actually a leap year this year... so you could always save that one for the end of the month. :)


Music: A French soundtrack,
Dinner: Quiche and a salad.
Movies: Amelie (F), Chocolat (PD + Johnny Depp!), & French Kiss* (RC).
Dessert: Chocolates, macarons, pastries, coffee or champagne.
Breakfast: A croissant with berry jam, and cafe au lait.


Music: Your favorite band from "across the pond."
Dinner: Fish and chipsMushy Peas, Meat Pies...
Movies: Anything ala Jane Austen (PD) will do, or if you're looking for something more modern, pick up the hysterical Bridget Jones's Diary (RC), Notting Hill (RC), Love Actually(RC/D), The Holiday (RC)... For something kind of quirky, check out About Time (Q/D).
Dessert: "Biscuits" (cookies!) and tea, Eton Mess (pudding/trifle!)
Breakfast: A full English breakfast! Or maybe just scones and tea...?


Dinner: Hummus, falafel, gyros, olives.... salad, lentil soup, kebabs...
Movies: Troy (PD/A + Brad Pitt anyone?), My Big Fat Greek Wedding (RC), or another Nia Vardalos flick My Life in Ruins (RC)
Dessert: Baklava and Turkish coffee for dessert... ? Yes, please!


Ok... this one is a tad skimpy... but I just love this movie called Danny Deckchair* (that's a lawn chair for you Americans!) It's a really great RomCom.... funny and sweet. You should rent it, right now! I have no idea what a good Australian dish would be (Kristen?) .... but in the movie they have a "Pancake Brekkie"... so, you know, just make pancakes. Breakfast for dinner for the win! It's like dinner and dessert all at once! #winning If you wanted to... you could totally listen to Vance Joy. Just sayin'.


Ah, Canada! I love Canada!

Dinner: Poutine. What is it? French fries, with curds of cheese, and brown gravy on top. It sounds kind of strange... but it's like melty cheesy nachos.... Does that even make sense? Just say yes.
Movies: What If (Q/RC + Daniel Radcliffe)! Upon googling... this one also looks good (RC). Or you could always go with Anne of Green Gables (C/PD).
Dessert: Maple Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting, Beaver Tails (Fried flat donuts topped with your choice of topping).

New York City

Music: Sinatra
Dinner: hot dogs with your favorite toppings or New York style pizza
Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's (C/D?), Cruel Intentions (D), a few '90's favorites: One Fine Day (RC), Sleepless in Seattle (RC), and You've Got Mail (RC), West Side Story (M), When Harry Met Sally (RC)....... There are just TONS of movies that take place in New York!
Dessert: A black and white cookie (THIS RECIPE IS SO GOOD!) or New York style cheesecake.


Dinner: Stroganoff , Piroshki (meat pies), Chicken Pelmeni (dumplings).
Movies: Dr. Zhigavo (C/PD - BBC / 1960's), Anna Karenina (C/PD - 2012 - Kiera Knightly / 1948 - Vivienne Leigh, 1938 - Greta Garbo), War and Peace (C/PD - 2016 Mini Series - Lily James, 1958 - Audrey Hepburn), Anastasia* (AN).
Dessert: Apple Sharlotka (fluffy apple cake), or Pryoniki (honey spice cookies).

Multiple Destinations:

Where: England, Africa, China, The U.S.
Dinner: African Sweet Potato Stew, Take out Chinese.... eggs and toast... (really anything here..)
Movie: Hector and the Search for Happiness (Q/C) - I loved this book, the movie was good too. It's sort of a fun adventure.

There you have it, some fun little ideas for your Valentine's day plans, or perhaps a different date night this year. :)

**Please do IMDB before watching ... I don't want you getting something super sad if that's not what you're into! :)**

What are you guys planning for the weekend? Anything fun?

What are your favorite kind of dates? (year round!)

Anyone else LOOOVE French Kiss?! (see below)



Monday, February 8, 2016

24 Hours in Indiana // An All-American Road Trip

I started writing a very whiny "case of the Mondays" post... but I've ranted, and moved along. Here's something much more fun and positive to read.

Here we go:

Sometimes... you impulse buy concert tickets. Oh, you don't? Really? Just, me? Ok then.

I impulse bought concert tickets for KC last Valentine's Day... they were a REALLY good deal... and I figured it would work out pretty well to take a little extended weekend trip out to Indianapolis. KC has a good friend who lives in nearby Bloomington... it was a great plan. Well, life happens, and we were asked to go to Alaska for work less than one month later at the beginning of July and were already headed to Florida at the end of July.... so we were low on vacation days... and needing to save cash.... so, we decided on a slightly more than 24 hour trip... we might be a little nutty...

We got to see Chris and his sweet girlfriend Anna, we saw a little tiny bit of Bloomington, even less of Indy, drove a lot.... but the concert was GREAT. :) We were pretty exhausted by the time we got home... which was too bad.... but it was definitely a true road trip.

Wayyy later... here you've got some pictures!

Indianapolis, IN: 

Glass Animals at The Old National Theater - A cool venue, it used to belong to the Shrine. My grandparents were Shriners... and my grandma was really concerned about this being a Shrine building. Technically they aren't allowed to sell any of their memorabilia. : / The pillars made it kind of hard to see, and the employees were smoking in the side rooms where the alcohol was held... and setting off the fire alarms... #classy... but other than that it was a good size for seeing a band you love. Glass Animals were (was?) great live! We definitely prefer cool small venues!

Bloomington, IN:

Upland Brewing Co. - Yummy food. After being in the car I was craving veggies! They have a nice vibe, and outdoor seating there. We shared a nacho appetizer, I got a salad, I think Anna did too, and the boys got burgers and fries. 

Bloomington Bagel Company - Noms. We stopped there with Chris and Anna for a quick early morning breakfast before they were off to work. We got breakfast sandwiches with egg and sausage... but they had so many options.. it was tough to choose! We love this place... it would be amazing to have one here!

There was a cute town square surrounded by little shops. We went into the bookstore, and didn't buy anything, but looked around for a bit. We stopped by a game shop as well.. but the employees were very preoccupied with an online game... and didn't really look up.... : / The day was nice, and we had fun walking around the old buildings and sculptures. We didn't have a lot of time before we hopped back into the car!

Casey, IL: (aka the town cornering the road trip traffic crowd on "the world's largest" stuff.

This little town claims to have The World's Largest Golf Tee, The World's Largest Windchime, The World's Largest Knitting Needles, and The World's Largest Crochet Hook. That's a lot of stuff. The latter three are all close together, and the golf tee is on the golf course. It wasn't that easy to find... and the town was mostly not open yet... but we went ahead and visited all 4. And took pictures... #becauseroadtrip . The sleepy town, became a leetle bit creepy, we also wondered why exactly there would be scripture on a huge golf tee... but hey, it's the Midwest. Bottom Line: fun if there's time and you like silly road trip stuff. Definitely gave us a little time to rest from driving. (after googling, it looks like they have even more large items on display... ) and unrelated, but fun sounding, a popcorn festival. 

Highland, IL:

Blue Springs Cafe - Home of the "foot hi pie". We saw a road side sign advertising that the place was on food network for it's "foot hi pies," we love pie, so we headed that way. The place was pretty old and very '90's country (plaid table cloths, oak furniture, frilly curtains..), overall not the worst, but kind of funny. We ordered lunch, which was decent, and pies to go, because how could we not try it. KC got banana and I got chocolate. I don't really like chocolate pie.. .so I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't great. KC's was better... though overall perhaps not worth the "hype". It certainly wasn't bad... and I would prefer "real food" to fast food while on the road, so it definitely served it's purpose. I could take it or leave it. Another good, "road trip" thing though. I've never seen so much meringue.

Also, it would have been great to meet Plucky!! There just was not time! :(

What's the funniest "road side attraction" you've seen?

Do you like to take road trips?

Anyone else impulse buy tickets...?