Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pre-Halloween Festivities // 2013

Here is a peek at our pre-Halloween happenings!

Kyle's annual 'How Tall This Fall?'

My pumpkin.

Our pumpkin family and someone's tail...

Duchess and her pumpkin!

Getting into the Halloween spirit! :)
My spooky clementine treats for school!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Halloween!

More pictures coming tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Woodland Fall Tablescape

In our old apartment there really wasn't enough room to move around let alone space to decorate. We made a small Christmas tree work but any other seasonal or holiday decor was impossible. In our new place we finally have room to decorate!

Here is our fall table.

How cute are these little critters?!?!
Fox and Squirrel figurines- Kohl's ~$20 before discount
Pumpkin - Hobby Lobby ~$15 before coupon
Table Runner- Wedding Gift, Handmade & Reversible
Napkin Rings- World Market $2.48 per pair (discontinued)
Cloth Napkins- Target, from registry. Similar here, $8.99 for 4.

It's not much, but it's festive and easy, and so far our cat hasn't tried to destroy it!

We might end up adding to the decor for November and Thanksgiving.

On another note: How awesome are these huge windows?!?

What is your favorite way to decorate for fall? 

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My Favorite Fall Mani

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sooo I Guess It's National Cat Day....

Before National Cat Day is over...

You're welcome!

Oh and a few of Dapper ol' Grizwald (my family's cat)

He's so huge in comparison to Duchess! But they are both so sweet and adorable. :)Happy National Cat Day! Alexandra

My Favorite Fall Mani

When it comes to nails, three factors typically make up my perfect mani combination:

short nails + dark polish + glitter accent

My current favorite fall mani is no exception.

Base coat: chocolate brown (Old) (similar from Essie, here)

Glitter coat: Warm and Fozzie by OPI (old, but can still buy here!)

I know brown isn't a favorite color for most.. but it's a great alternative to black when you can find it! I really love it and it goes great with the coloring of my hair. Don't be afraid of brown my friends, it can be a fantastic neutral! :)

Buying brown clothing is a whole different story... not easily done! :( Tips for finding it in the stores very very welcome!!

Looking for some fall nail color recommendations? Check out my friend Amanda's post here! :)

What is your favorite nail color for fall?

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Black Cat // My First Fashion Post!

I have been wanting to get some fashion posts together for a while... but just hadn't had time/energy/motivation... ;) Until now!

A few things you should know about me (or will find out quickly in these posts): 

1) Blazers are the most worn items in my closet
2) I have an unhealthy amount of scarves
3) I'm a bargain shopper. We're on a budget so it's good that I am naturally one of those dig around, mix it up, garage sale-ing, wear it until it's falling apart kind of people!
4) I looooove little vintage touches in an outfit!

So here you have it, my first full blown fashion post! I hope you like it! I thought it was Halloween week appropriate. :)

Blazer: TJMaxx, $30 - Old
T-shirt: J Crew Factory, $12 (sale price) (buy here)
Cat Print Scarf: Icing, $18 (buy here)
Faux Leather Leggings: Target, $25  (buy here)
B & W Oxfords: TJMaxx, $20 
Earrings: Gift - Old

Outfit Total: $105 

(but really much less once you think of how long I've had the jacket etc. ;))

At the beginning of the school year I really wanted something with a graphic cat print on it. I don't really know why.. but I was on a mission! After a day at the mall I finally(!) came across this cute scarf. I think it's super fun, and luckily still in stock (follow the link above)!

Also, I live in these leggings... so advance apologies for many many outfit posts including them. :) Anybody else obsessed?!?

I'm linking up with Danielle & Andi for Blazer week! You can linkup here! :)

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween week!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Movies for an Unconventional Halloween Movie Night!

Hi there! Halloween sure is getting close!

I often like to watch movies with my sisters or my hubby around Halloween time, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a good "Halloween" movie that we can all enjoy... So this year I've come up with a list of very fun, very costume-y movies that will make your Halloween movie night unexpected, fun and scaredy cat friendly! I'm also throwing in three Halloween favorites, because I couldn't resist.

Movies for the Unconventional Halloween Movie Night!

Starting top left, left to right. 

1) Clue the Movie (1985, PG-13) - Based on the beloved board game (my favorite!) this funny and mysterious film will have you laughing and guessing who dunnit. There are alternate endings as well, so it could be different each time you watch it!

2) Edward Scissorhands (1990, PG-13) - A cult classic. I loved this movie in high school. Johnny Depp plays Edward, a boy with scissors for hands who is misunderstood when he begins life in suburbia. This movie is funny, sweet and a little sad. It's a fun unconventional choice for Halloween.

3) The Phantom of the Opera (2004, PG-13)- A musical and romantic favorite of many. This movie is a bit suspenseful and dark but not scary. It's worth watching if just for the costumes, sets and fantastic music!

4) Enchanted (2008, PG)- A Disney musical that is part cartoon, part live action. It's about a princess who falls through a magic well into the real world. She meets a man (Patrick Dempsey) and hilarity ensues as she tries to adjust to the human world. I thought this movie was pretty funny and creative. Definitely a favorite in our family of girls!

5) The Princess Bride (1987, PG)-The classic tale of lost love with many quirky characters and adventures along the way. This is a favorite even with my six-year-old sister. This one would be great for the whole family.

6) The Wizard of Oz (1939, PG) - Everyone knows the story, and no I'm not choosing this because I live in Kansas. To be honest, I don't have the attachment to this movie that so many do. But maybe it's just because every time we travel and mention we are from Kansas, people say "Oh! You're not in Kansas anymore!" It gets a little old. But all the same this movie is a classic and very costume-y. It's got fun, music, and just the right amount of fright.

7) Return to Oz (1985, PG)- A "Sequel" to the original in which Dorothy goes back to Oz. This movie is crazy. As a kid I LOVED it. It's got the craziest characters in it... which makes the adventure all the more fun. I think I am more attached to this movie from my childhood than the original!

8) Oz the Great and Powerful (2013, PG)- A prequel to the original movie. I had not seen this until just last week when we decided we might as well watch it eventually. I had a bad feeling that it was going to be a lot like the live action version of Alice in Wonderland (which I really didn't like) but it actually ended up being great! I LOVED the costumes and sets, and it was fun to get some "history" on the characters from the original. I really really want Evanora's outfits.. anyone else?? I even did a manicure inspired by her costume. Check it out! You just might like it.


3 Conventional Halloween Choices (because I can't help myself!)

1) Hocus Pocus (1993, PG) - DUH! If you haven't seen it you MUST!

2) Young Frankenstein (1974, PG)- A KC favorite. A comedic parody of the Classic Frankenstein story full of jokes and one-liners. 

3) Hotel Transylvania (2012, PG)- (I haven't seen this yet! But I can't wait!) About Dracula who runs a resort for monsters away from human land. When a human boy discovers the resort and falls for Dracula's daughter things get funny. (or so I'm told).

What are your favorite Unconventional and Conventional Halloween movie picks?

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Friday, October 25, 2013

8 Fall Recipes I Can't Wait to Try!

I recently posted about my 8 favorite fall recipes... but I'm always searching for more! Here are 8 fall recipes from Pinterest that I can't wait to try!

All titles link to the original recipe or pin page if the link was broken. All images are from the original recipes.

What are your favorite fall recipes and foods?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

8 Favorite Fall Recipes!

Happy Fall everyone!

The weather is starting to cool down which always makes me want to stay home, cozy up and bake!

In 2012 I tried 100 new recipes, here are my 8 favorite fall dishes from that list! Click on the title of the dish to follow the link to the recipe!

This pie is amazing! So simple and so delicious! A great way to eat cranberries without the SUPER tart taste!

Easy as can be "filling" and fluffy sheets of puff pastry! Hearty and warm for those chilly fall days!

3. Honey Peanut Butter Granola
Yummy yummy yummy! This granola is so flavorful and delicious! I have tried it several different ways and it always turns out great! Put it in a jar and you've got breakfast for 2 weeks!

4. Sausage Skillet Hash
This skillet dinner is so easy and comforting. The potatoes, spinach, sausage and sauce are so flavorful and warm. The cider vinegar gives you a little "fall" flavor while you're cooking. (and I don't even like cider vinegar!)

5. Bierocks
The ultimate Midwestern comfort food. Breaded pocket filled with hamburger, onions and cabbage. Sounds weird if you haven't had it before.. but it's amazing! This recipe feeds a crowd so consider freezing or throwing a party!

6. Pumpkin Waffles
I don't really need to say anything about this one. 
Pumpkin. Waffles.

7. Easy Cheesy Potato Soup
So So So good. Warm, cheesy.. delicious!

8. Chili Pie
Chili is one of those foods that automatically makes me think of fall. This dish is a twist on your usual chili... cheesy potato topping can't make it worse... :) 

Looking forward to re-making these recipes this fall as well as trying out a bunch of new soup recipes from Pinterest!

Have you read my fall bucket list?

What are your favorite fall recipes? I'd love to know!

Thank you for reading!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Have You Heard? // Bastille - "Oblivion"

A while back I decided to download Bastille's album 'Bad Blood' ... and I can't. stop. listening.

It's amazing, if you haven't heard it... make it happen!
Have you heard this album? What do you think?

I like every song.. which is unusual for me recently. I will say that one of them is my least favorite... but other than that I LOVE them. My favorite track has to be Oblivion. It's so beautiful. (but it's definitely the slowest, so if it's not your thing check out the other tracks which are more upbeat and have catchier choruses)

I appreciate that most every song tells a story.

After seeing that their tour was sold out in the US, I was bummed that I hadn't stumbled upon them sooner. Just when I was about to give up hope, two shows were announced nearby for this winter! I managed to get tickets ($16 each, ROBBERY!) and am SO SO excited for the show! (read about the show here!) Once again thank you to twitter for always bringing me random tweets that lead me to the perfect events! (other twitter event successes include: the Girls with Glasses Event and the Bethany Dillon Concert )

I think that the show is going to be epic! I can't wait to write about it for you guys! :) 

What is your favorite track? 

Have you seen Bastille live?

Thank you for Reading! 

85,000 views!! I'm so Grateful!!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Bucket List 2013

Happy fall friends! 

I know it has been fall for almost a month now.. but let's be honest... the temperatures are still in the mid 80's here... it doesn't quite feel like fall yet! :)

I have started posting my yearly goals and summer bucket lists here, and thought doing every season might be fun and help keep me from looking too far ahead (ahem, Christmas anyone..?). 

Plus, I'm not going to lie... I'm not much of a fall girl. Don't get me wrong: it's gorgeous, the temps drop, the clothes and food are great... but it's just never been my season. But this year I am determined to make the very most of it, and fall in love with fall.

So here you have it folks, my very first Fall Bucket List!

leaf image via.

eat cider donuts from the farmer's market
watch Hotel Transylvania
get cider slushes at Reese's
visit the pumpkin patch
find a Halloween goodie to pass out at school
have a small board game night
watch Hocus Pocus
come up with some type of fall decor for our apartment
bake pumpkin bread
post my first outfit posts, with some cozy fall fashion!
make the AMAZING pumpkin waffle recipe from last year!
come up with some type of clever and original Halloween costumes & one normal one for school
go to the renaissance festival
attempt to read our palms
thrift some amazing finds
watch Clue
pick out and decorate pumpkins 
have some small dinner parties (double dates?)
play in the leaves
acquire the perfect slouchy, cozy knit scarf... and wear it daily
take pictures of the season!
come up with some type of gratitude project 
try a new pie recipe
make baked goods for fall and Halloween to share at work
acquire some type of seating for our balcony for scenery watching and cuddling in the nice weather
wear my brown boots as much as possible!
have both of our families over for dinner 
cozy up with some classic novels
try 10 new soup recipes
go stargazing (with a cozy blanket)
take some cute couple-y photos
start a gratitude journal again

one last thought

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." 
-Albert Camus

What are your goals for fall?

Or your favorite fall traditions?

I want to know!

Thank you for reading!


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What happened to Halloween 2011? ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Snapshots of Mumford & Sons: September 2013

I love Mumford & Sons!

We were lucky enough to get tickets to their show in Kansas City in June of 2011 from a co-worker who needed to sell them. The show was amazing, I was listening to their 'Sigh No More' album on repeat, and their live performance was so incredible. Hearing the music live was a dream come true. 

So when we heard they were coming back we were so excited when we won the ticket lottery and got email invitations to buy some!The show was supposed to be in June but the bassist had an emergency on stage and had to have brain surgery, so our show was postponed until September. Luckily, it wasn't cancelled and the bassist is recovering and playing shows again!We went with a few friends and the weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor show! It was about 65 degrees (F) and gorgeous! The show was at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, a new venue for us. We got there around the time Mumford went on and found places standing along the aisle. The music was wonderful and they have definitely developed more of a stage presence since their last show we went to!They played a lot of music from their newest album 'Babel' as well as some of my favorites from 'Sigh No More'. I loved hearing songs like 'Dust Bowl Dance,' 'White Blank Page,' and 'Winter Winds' again! It was all so soulful... the perfect night! They didn't play my favorite ('After the Storm,' from 'Sigh No More'), but I didn't expect them to. Overall it was a great night, and I love their music just as much if not more than ever.
If you haven't heard the albums, grab them/download them now! :)

Have you ever seen Mumford & Sons live?

What is your dream concert?

What is your favorite Mumford song?

Thanks for reading!