Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Snapshots of Houston, TX // Day 1 // February 2016

Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope you are having a good week so far! It's a double travel post week, and back to Houston! :) 

We spent our first day trying yummy restaurants and exploring Montrose. Hilde recommended Montrose to us, it's a fabulously funky part of town filled with antique stores, thrift stores, and little boutiques. There was a lot of street art as well which was super fun!

Eat: Bob's Burger Bus, Ninfa's on Navigation, Fat Cat Creamery, Common Ground Coffee and Pastries.

See: Montrose. Street art. Gorgeous decor at Ninfa's on Navigation.

Shop: Montrose shops, my favorite was called Space, (here's a nice post about it)!

Do: Try the food, explore the neighborhoods, look at the street art and shop!

Favorites: There was some super fabulous street art here in Montrose! The macarons were exceptional - such fun flavors as well! Fat Cat Creamery. How cute!!

New Experiences: Casis Macarons, Seeing Houston & Montrose, visiting a restaurant that used to be a food truck, navigating the crazypants traffic of Houston. (& the construction getting there from Galveston).

Random Tip: The street art in Montrose is incredible as a backdrop for your outfit photos, etc. Also, you can get alcoholic ice cream at Fat Cat! 

Anybody else love street art?

Have you been anywhere in the US that has a strong cultural influence from another country?

Am I the only one who thinks the idea of mermaids is really cool... ? - yeah? That's ok! :P

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We also visited Texas (Ft. Worth, Austin, Corpus ChristiKyle, and San Antonio) in 2012. And in 2013 we visited Garland and Amarillo. But we've never been to "East Texis" - as Sheldon Cooper would say. So we had lots of fun exploring this area! A mini gulf trip!

Happy Travels!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Back From Georgia // Humid as Haillll

Hello sweet blog friends! I hope that you have had a great week! We are home from Georgia and settling back in, just in time to head off to Nashville... ha

In the meantime, I thought I would share some photos and a quick recap of our time there.

We flew into Savannah and checked into our (first ever!) Airbnb. We spent several days exploring the city. We tried delicious food, visited some really lovely art museums, did a ghost tour, and even saw a few movies! I might also mention... that the shopping was awesome... too awesome... and I spent a chunk of change there.. : /

We also took some time to visit Tybee Island, which is just 20-30 minutes from the city depending on where you are staying. We swam in the ocean, visited shops, and toured the lighthouse and grounds. We even got caught in a tropical storm... which was briefly terrifying, but exhilarating as well. :)

The last piece of the trip was on Jekyll Island, where my conference was held. While we were there we stayed in another Airbnb (which we loved!) and took some time to see the beaches there, play mini golf, and visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Overall, it was very very hot and humid (as expected), but a well rounded trip of work and play, as well as lots of different things to do!

I am still recapping Houston posts, and have San Francisco to follow, but I can't wait to share the details with you guys!

What have you guys been up to?!

Has anyone else been to Savannah?

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Have You Heard? // The Strumbellas - "Spirits"

Happy Friday Friends!

It's been a busy few weeks for us. We spent a lovely time in Georgia, I can't wait to share a quick recap post with you guys next week! :)

Special shout out to Kira from The Retro Dorothy, she gave a sweet review of some of my stationery, check it out here!

This song has popped up on our radar in KCMO recently. I'm a bit surprised I like it, because I'm generally not a fan of group singing... It's just so catchy, and I've found that I love it!

This video is kind of crazy and awesome all at once.

Have you heard this before? What are you listening to lately?!

Any fun plans this weekend?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Duchess & Scalawag // Cat Lady

Today's post is just a fun one. Prompted by the fact that my least favorite part of travel is leaving behind our kittens. So this post is an intro / re-intro of our two little kitties. Mostly because I'm on vacation and I miss those little nuggets. How sweet are they?!?!?!


Duchess is the first pet we got. She's a ginger tabby and got her name because she sat up so regally (like Duchess from Aristocats) when we met her. A lot of people who come to our house think she's mean, but she just doesn't have patience for people holding her upside down. She's really a big softy and very cuddly and playful when she feels at ease. She had an extreme excess of energy when we had just her, so we got her a little brother to play with. She's really athletic, and loves it when people toss pieces of her food in the air for her to catch. She will catch them in between her toes and eat them. It's so funny.


Scalawag was being fostered by my parent's neighbors around the time we were looking for another kitten. During his time being fostered he was taken back to the Humane Society to be adopted, when a sick kitten was put in with him and one of his siblings. They both got sick and were pulled back into the foster house. His sister got better, but his eyes wouldn't heal. The vet took out one eye in hopes that it would allow the other to heal. It worked, and it's given him a dapper permanent wink. Hence the pirate name, and the skull and cross bones ID tag. :) Scali quickly took to Duchess and he rules the roost now. They fight and play, and cuddle. They are reluctant BFFs. It's easy to forget that he only has one eye, he's very well adjusted! :)

We love these two feisty things, and are so grateful that we have good people around who are willing and able to watch them when we are gone.

Excited to be back home to them soon!

Anybody else hate leaving their pets behind when they travel?

Anyone else have cats?!? Or dogs, I like dogs too. :)