Friday, August 27, 2010

Yoga, Natural Health and Lifestyle Goals

Yoga, Natural Health and Lifestyle Goals

So this post is going to be a bit different that most of my past ones, but I wanted to write about it, and its my blog.. so I can. 

Recently, while getting back into the swing of things at KU I have started thinking about my health again. Which I know sounds pretty boring.. but its not! I'm really excited! So here is a Swatch Board of my current favorite resources and materials as far as health goes and a list of my current goals! Maybe it will give you some ideas too...? 
(Part of) My Cookbook Collection! :) Many are vegetarian, which I love, but others are just normal and one is even Vegan. The only reason I have the Cook Yourself Thin one is because the recipes looked good and it was VERY cheap at the library book sale. I really don't believe in diets or diet food. So no concern should be had over this :) . You can find these books at Barnes and Noble. Or any other book retailer. I should mention that alicia silverstone's book The Kind Diet has a companion website and community that is really great for all things vegan and eco-friendly as well. check it out here .
My cute retro-inspired recipe book. Here is where I write down only the REALLY good recipes. I didn't realize you could see my feet in this picture... hah oh well. I purchased this at Border's.
My notebook where I record my goals and progress. :) 
It has grid pages which are handy because it keeps me in order. And grid paper is really just fun :)

Here are My (Current) Goals:
1) Eat at least 80% Whole Grains
2) Use running shoes (generic for a reason) :) 
3) Do yoga at Miller at least 3 times per week
4) Take classes at the Rec. at least 2 times per week (preferably more)
5) Eat (non-fish) meat only 3 times per week
6) Floss Daily (hhahaha)
One of my biggest resources! Natural Health Magazine.. its so great.. but expensive on the newsstand. I should just subscribe.. You can find this magazine at Walmart and Target.. but I usually have better luck at Hastings. You can also use their website to read articles, find recipes and enter to win giveaways.
My Gaiam yoga DVD's. I love Rodney Yee. :) I have so far been doing a DVD routine 2 times per day for 15-20 minutes each. I feel so good and am sleeping better already. Gaiam products are sold at Target stores and online at They also have a great website of articles etc.

I also joined Kashi's online community where you can set goals and keep track of them in a community setting. Challenges are posted by Kashi and you can accept ones that you want and track your progress. Its a really neat website.

As my first challenge from Kashi I looked at the President's Challenge. Here you can track your activity by minutes and activity, and are assigned points as you go. It is a really neat way to see the "whole picture". You can join and learn more here .

and perhaps the most entertaining part??
Braceface!! :) Did anyone else ever watch this show? It really amuses me. Its a good break in between studying. Anyhow it is related because the main character is a vegetarian... and alicia silverstone is the voice of the character, at least for a while. Let's hear it for Canadian family television. :)
Here I am with my yoga mat. Ready to take on the world! (watch out) :) 

All for now,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday 2010 Swatchboard Part II!

Part II! 
 Cuddling :) 
View from in between the boards. Really beautiful.
I especially like this one!
Such a great contrast between the green and the grey!
Cute Tokyo Milk Pocket Mirror. :) I had had my eye on it for a while, but I got it for $2 score!
My parents made me birthday Sangria! YUM! Its just as yummy as it is pretty!!


Birthday 2010 Swatchboard Part I!

Images of love and inspiration from my 20th Birthday.
July 3rd 2010 (and a few days surrounding)
Birthday Outfit! Clearance shirt and skirt (gifts from mom), pretty headband (birthday money purchase from Francesca's), Earrings from Bloom and Nest Ring (original).
Earrings from Bloom! Super Cute!
Embellished Head Band!
Date with Kyle at Welle's Overlook!
Ready to Cuddle in the Chilly Weather!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to KU, Back to Miller.

Miller Hall is my home away from home, I've been back for a little over a week and am getting settled back in. Here are some pictures of my room (before the messiness sets in). I will be updating periodically as I photograph other favorite parts of Miller.
My desk space!
My row of pictures! Some of my favorites!
My stationary and jewelery box. Look how cute that Matroshka doll is! Its stationary!!
The desk top itself. Bulletin board covered with most of my favorite people. Note: Grayson (the Kangaroo Keeper, so cute!) and the Kandinsky laptop skin!
My tea tray, very European :) Teapot and matching cup from Urban courtesy of my Big Sis Staci! Rose courtesy of Kyle <3 
My Antique Mall find! How cute is this lamp!!??!?!
All for now, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my space at Miller. Hopefully I can keep it clean... :) 


Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Weekend At Grandma's House (House Sitting)

A few pictures of inspiration and mementos of my weekend at Grandma's House.
Nothing too exciting but it was one of the most pleasant weekends I've had in a while.
Grandma's toaster is pretty intense!
Waffle down!
Grandma Keeps My Letters! :) 

My music selection and 1947 Singer courtesy of grandma :) It was a productive weekend.

I found the pot holder I made her tucked in her pot holder drawer.
Not the most impressive thing I've made. Keep in mind it was created in approx 2000.

It was a great weekend.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snapshots from Omaha // Summer 2010

Snapshots from Omaha

I recently spent a weekend supervising a youth mission trip in Omaha Nebraska. We did some work but we also got to see some really cool things, and eat some really good food. So here is a snapshot diary of my inspirations from the trip.
The Omaha Zoo. Fantastic. You can't NOT take pictures of the jellyfish.

Old Market. So beautiful, so historic, just freaking cool.

Dinner at Spaghetti Works. YUM!

I ordered the "Hot Naked" of course.. Priceless! 
Whole wheat penne, steamed veggies and hot naked sauce YUM! Plus Blackberry Lemonade!
Perfect Dinner!
Doesn't it look delicious??

Awesome Lighting in the Restaurant!

5 years later this shop is still there! Look how cute this is! :D 

A look at the kitchen of a church we met at. I love the idea of community that these cups display. Its a perfect in an ordinary, and easily overlooked way.

A very well-aged couple who serve lunches to the homeless in downtown Omaha every week! Look how adorable she is! (she's in her mid 80's!)

There you have it! Omaha through the eyes of my 4 day excursion. Enjoy!