Sunday, October 31, 2010

My New Favorite Book

How to Sew a Button and Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew

By: Erin Bried
This book is a how-to guide for doing things the simple, cheap, eco and old fashioned way. Bried interviews 10 grandmothers who survived the depression and uses their wisdom as the basis for this book. She covers everything from how to play charades to how to make dandelion wine and everywhere in between. I especially enjoyed that she built pie-making into the book, because ever since I learned to make a pie (crust and all) I have thought it is something every woman should learn to do! The sections are short and extremely funny to read. 

My grandmother is my hero and I have learned so much from her so to see someone like Bried sharing what grandmothers from across the country know with the world is a wonderful thing. You will be sure to be pleased with this book. It makes a great gift and is especially good for young people who are learning how to live on their own. This is probably why I enjoyed it so much, because as I read it I got to decide which parts I wanted to build into my life as I build it.

Just a few days after I finished reading this book I had to use it! It was amazing. A friend in my house asked me if I knew how to unclog sinks, and I began saying "no, sorry" when I remembered that was one of the many useful things covered in this book! I hobbled upstairs and grabbed the book came back and we gave it a try! And guess what? It worked! Really well. 

Here is what we did (sorry for the lack of photos).

1) I scooped the water out of the sink as best I could.
2) measured 1/2 cup of baking soda and poured it into the drain.
3) measured 1/2 cup of vinegar and poured it into the drain. 
fizzing began.
4) put a kettle of water on the stove and plugged the drain.
5) after approx. 15 minutes or the kettle whistling we poured the kettle down the drain. 

I felt like a million bucks. No draino needed. No chemicals, no plumbers. We did it ourselves and it felt great. 

Just before this incident I was wondering how I would use a lot of my new knowledge without having my own house, here is the proof that you still can!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arab Shrine Craft Fair 2010

Arab Shrine Craft Fair 2010

In June my grandma gave me all of her jewelry making supplies, beads etc for a craft fair at her shrine this weekend (October 23rd). I spent a lot of my time and money preparing for the show. 

I made a lot of very cute things, and had a great table set up. However the audience was not buying it. I sold enough to make a small profit, but overall it was a pretty big let down. Regardless here are some pictures of the jewelry and my display.
Me at my booth. 
 Center Table Display.
 Newest Color Set
 Earring Display. I love these frames. <3 Worth every second of work, and every penny. 
 Beaded Bracelets.
 Plates, Cups etc displays.

That is pretty much it. The look was exactly how I wanted it. The turn out was very disappointing. I have a lot of things left, so I will be hopefully having a jewelry party at Miller and possibly one at my house as well. Or maybe an Etsy account will be opened. I will keep you updated.

Thanks to the few of you who came to visit! :) And the even more of you who have been supporting me outside of the craft fair. :)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate Week October 11th-18th!

Chocolate Week 
October 11th - 18th
I love chocolate. Most of you can relate I'm sure. But I never really realized how much I loved chocolate until this week, chocolate week. I'm sure you just got a great mental image of me eating a huge box of chocolates in one sitting in my sweat pants, because I absolutely did too. The actual experience however has been quite different.
Chocolate, I crave it each time I finish a dinner, late at night, when I see a particularly tasty candy bar in the line at the supermarket, and any time we go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. But the reality is, as good as it sounds, its never that good. I mean think about it; unless its been a really long time since you've eaten it last, do you find yourself saying "that was a treat!" or "How delicious" after you finish that insert name of candy bar here? I don't. So honestly, I was beginning to tire of chocolate in all together. 
Even boxed chocolates, you know its Valentine's day and your family or boyfriend etc gives you a box of Russel Stover chocolates. Exciting right? Sure, it can be. But at my house it usually ends in a fight over the caramel, coconut and truffle flavors. Or what happens when someone looses the chart that tells you which kind is which? Or if there are only 5 or so chocolates left and they have been moved around? You end up with a strawberry cream and spit it right back out if you're me.

Thank goodness for chocolate week which made me fall in love with chocolate again.

 Search for Mediocre Chocolates and Fail

I decided that a nice box of chocolates would be a romantic surprise for Kyle and that we could enjoy them together. The idea was good enough, but the search was a bit of a struggle. My initial thought was the standard box of Russel Stover's but as I began searching it was a lot harder than I expected. Target only had Ghiradelli boxed chocolates and honestly that didn't sound like it was going to cut it. I was going to do this right. T.J. Maxx was my next stop. Nothing. World Market. Nearly nothing. The Merc? Yeah fancy organic chocolates? Non-existant in boxed form. Dissappointment. Apparently boxed chocolates are extremely hard to find outside of February.(note: yesterday I found tons at walmart and hyvee... )

Unexpected Success/In Love Again

The next day I rememberd that Lawrence has a lovely European Market called Au Marche. I nearly ran downtown in excitement. I walked in and there they were. Beautifully made and decorated artisan chocolates all lined up perfectly in a large glass case. Wonderful. As I looked at the different flavors I was dissappointed to see that they were a little picked over in selection. But I was determined to have a chocolate week surprise, so I picked four flavors and had them wrapped in a box. The chocolates were not actually from Europe, but a local artist in Kansas City. I was excited and very hopeful especially when I got to the cash register. For those four chocolates I spent approximately $10! They had better be good! 
Conclusion: Chocolate = Worth The Splurge
Those chocolates were the best chocolates I had ever had. They were beautiful, extremely delicious and worth every penny. We made a night of it and rented Chocolat as well. It was a really nice and very tasty evening. Now I know where to get the best chocolates in town for any occasion that I might need them! 
Have a Wonderful Chocolate Week! Too Late? Extend it a Week, No One Will Know. And also it took me forever to post this. Boo for busy-ness.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Tribute To My Top 10 Summer 2010

A Tribute To My Top 10 Summer 2010
(In no specific order)

1)  Botticelli 
Primavera is my favorite, and The Birth of Venus always reminds me of Noel :)

2) Antique Buttons
These have already been put onto rings, but I love them so much! Each one has its own story.
3) Sangria
 So pretty! So delicious!

4) My lamp from the Antique Mall 

 Its just adorable!

5) Zooey Deschanel
From Shape Magazine. 

Zooey is beautiful, quirky and super fun to watch. (500) Days of summer was so cute as were her outfits. She's one of my style icons.

6) Iced Mochas

Starbucks is not my favorite place by any means, but the picture is what I was looking for. I love signs of life and java break in Lawrence. Iced Mocha no whipped cream = an amazing summer drink!


I keep kicking myself for not having my camera when we went to La Bodega in KC MO. Its the most wonderful place. Tapas (little meals) are a wonderful very Spanish way of tasting the cuisine, a little bit of everything without having to stuff yourself! Delicious. If you are ever in KC check out La Bodega
8)Vintage Singer Sewing Machines!

I love the 1947 Singer that my grandma gave me over the summer! Not only a new adventure but a super cute one at that! I only wish I could make it fit in my room at Miller!

9) Riders of the Purple Sage 

My first western and favorite summer read. A love story and adventure all in one. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the DVD. :) 

10) Sundresses 

 This is my newest sundress. I got it at Francesca's Boutique and I just love it. the sweet heart neckline and 50's style are really flattering on my hourglass figure. 

It was a good summer, with lots of lovely inspiration!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Renaissance Festival!

Hello Blog! Good Lord I'm behind on my postings! So I guess I will try to do one every day until I get caught up!
and I guess I will go out of order... for lack of sufficient photos. :) 

Kansas City Renaissance Festival
Kyle and I took the day to go to the Renaissance Festival! We have been saying we should go for (count them) approx 4 years, and decide that we really HAD to go this year. It was wonderful, no obligations, no concept of time, just the two of us wondering around looking at beautiful things, watching jousting and Caber tossing, eating turkey legs and apple dumplings... it was a perfect day.
Ready to Go! 
Me too! (Gosh those things were heavy)
 Why won't you let us in with these things? huh?
 Recycling at the Renaissance Festival? Yes sir! :) 
 Turkey Legs! 
 Axe throwing!
Looking very much the part.
 My Beautiful New Earrings! They are REAL roses! 
 I declareth that is alleth. Good Day fine Lords and Ladies!