Friday, August 27, 2010

Yoga, Natural Health and Lifestyle Goals

Yoga, Natural Health and Lifestyle Goals

So this post is going to be a bit different that most of my past ones, but I wanted to write about it, and its my blog.. so I can. 

Recently, while getting back into the swing of things at KU I have started thinking about my health again. Which I know sounds pretty boring.. but its not! I'm really excited! So here is a Swatch Board of my current favorite resources and materials as far as health goes and a list of my current goals! Maybe it will give you some ideas too...? 
(Part of) My Cookbook Collection! :) Many are vegetarian, which I love, but others are just normal and one is even Vegan. The only reason I have the Cook Yourself Thin one is because the recipes looked good and it was VERY cheap at the library book sale. I really don't believe in diets or diet food. So no concern should be had over this :) . You can find these books at Barnes and Noble. Or any other book retailer. I should mention that alicia silverstone's book The Kind Diet has a companion website and community that is really great for all things vegan and eco-friendly as well. check it out here .
My cute retro-inspired recipe book. Here is where I write down only the REALLY good recipes. I didn't realize you could see my feet in this picture... hah oh well. I purchased this at Border's.
My notebook where I record my goals and progress. :) 
It has grid pages which are handy because it keeps me in order. And grid paper is really just fun :)

Here are My (Current) Goals:
1) Eat at least 80% Whole Grains
2) Use running shoes (generic for a reason) :) 
3) Do yoga at Miller at least 3 times per week
4) Take classes at the Rec. at least 2 times per week (preferably more)
5) Eat (non-fish) meat only 3 times per week
6) Floss Daily (hhahaha)
One of my biggest resources! Natural Health Magazine.. its so great.. but expensive on the newsstand. I should just subscribe.. You can find this magazine at Walmart and Target.. but I usually have better luck at Hastings. You can also use their website to read articles, find recipes and enter to win giveaways.
My Gaiam yoga DVD's. I love Rodney Yee. :) I have so far been doing a DVD routine 2 times per day for 15-20 minutes each. I feel so good and am sleeping better already. Gaiam products are sold at Target stores and online at They also have a great website of articles etc.

I also joined Kashi's online community where you can set goals and keep track of them in a community setting. Challenges are posted by Kashi and you can accept ones that you want and track your progress. Its a really neat website.

As my first challenge from Kashi I looked at the President's Challenge. Here you can track your activity by minutes and activity, and are assigned points as you go. It is a really neat way to see the "whole picture". You can join and learn more here .

and perhaps the most entertaining part??
Braceface!! :) Did anyone else ever watch this show? It really amuses me. Its a good break in between studying. Anyhow it is related because the main character is a vegetarian... and alicia silverstone is the voice of the character, at least for a while. Let's hear it for Canadian family television. :)
Here I am with my yoga mat. Ready to take on the world! (watch out) :) 

All for now,


  1. I'm going through a similar journey. I decided to keep a blog for myself to keep my mind on track. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow! Didn't even see this! Good for you! What is your blog?

  3. Whew! Just kidding I found it! And I am now following you. :) Excited to read about your journey.


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