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Snapshots of Quebec City // Honeymoon // January 2012

This is Quebec City 

{New Place #1 for 2012: See 2012 Goals for details}

It is a beautiful place, a winter wonderland. 

The Chateau by day.

The Chateau by night

The Chateau Frontenac was once the military headquarters of "New France" but is now a luxury hotel, or "the castle" as some call it. It sits inside the walls of the old city overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Its a spectacular view both looking at and looking out below the chateau. Its a must see on a trip to Quebec City.

The food in Quebec City is particularly good. It all has a very European feel to it which is really fun! The French influences are particularly notable for obvious reasons. We had MANY delicious meals while on our trip, but the most impressive was the one at the cafe in the Chateau. 

We decided to get lunch in the Chateau on our last day there. There was a buffet that was $35 a person so we decided to go for it. Thank goodness we did! We had so many delicious foods! The seafood was excellent, Kyle loved the prime rib and I was infatuated with the tiny French desserts {pictured above}. I got chocolate, coconut and raspberry, they were all fantastic!

One day we decided to go dog sledding!  

Here is our team of energetic huskies! :)

At first you get to meet and play with the dogs which was so much fun! This particular dog was very fond of me.

But there were 100 in total! Each had their own tiny houses and name tags!

They were SO excited to get a chance to go out in the sled! It was pretty cute!

This one Loved me too! :)

In a pin at the side of the area there was a dog on top of a large box, and we couldn't figure out what it was... until we looked closer!

Husky Puppies! :)

Aren't they adorable??

Us with our whole team! 

We were the only ones from anywhere close to Kansas! :)

There is an area of the city called Lower Town where there was a beautiful little shopping area called Le Petite Champlain. I love to shop so we ended up down there many times in our 5 days. 

To get to Petite Champlain you have to walk down A LOT of stairs and then down a steep downhill sidewalk. {we noticed later that this area was labeled on the map as "breakneck stairs" - pretty accurate in the winter at least!} 

The other option is to take the Funiculaire or the outdoor elevator/escalator. It is an enclosed box about the size of 4 telephone booths that takes you from the top by the chateau down to petite champlain. It costs $4 per person to ride. Which is often worth it! Plus the view of the St. Lawrence was incredible! {the picture above is the view from the funiculaire box!}

Here is a picture of Petite Champlain at night! All lit up and beautiful! 

The shopping as I said was great! My two favorite stores: a store just for pearls {!!!} 

and a really cute kitchen store called Pot en ciel {Pot in Sky}. WE LOVED IT! We went about 4 times! We bought lots of fun gifts and souvenirs for ourselves and for others there!


As you can see we had a great time!

We would definitely recommend Quebec City to anyone. It is gorgeous and full of adventures ranging from culinary to canine. There is so much to see, and we are certain that it would be beautiful at any time of the year!

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  1. Wow - it looks like you and Kyle had a fun and cozy honeymoon! Perfect year to go to a winter wonderland, with the spring-like winter we have been having! Congrats you two!!

    1. Thank Brittany! We had so much fun. It was really a lot of time for us to just walk, explore, try new foods and nap :) Hope to see both of you soon :)

    2. I really liked your photos; it looks like you had a wonderful honeymoon. I'm taking my fiancée to Quebec City for 4 days at the end of the month for New Years and have been looking all over the net for things to do up there.

      I saw your review on TripAdvisor for Aventure Plein Air Inukshuk (Dog Sledding) and I'm glad I was able to find your blog. It really looks like a nice company and the dogs all look to be treated very well. I'm thinking about booking a 1/2 day dog sledding package with them and your review helped a lot. Thanks for posting your review and putting up some great pictures.

      Happy future travels,

    3. Bob,

      Thank you for reading both my Trip Advisor review and my blog post! I am glad that they were helpful for you in your trip planning stages and I hope that they remain so on your trip! I hope that you and your Fiancee love Quebec City as much as we did!

      Dog sledding was such an adventure! The dogs were very sweet and it was very thrilling. You will definitely have wonderful stories to tell when you come home. The ride was pretty long but very scenic and enjoyable. Another fun option could be the part dog sled part horse sled trip. That also appealed to us.

      Thank you again and feel free to contact me via email if you have more questions! amorganporter{at}hotmail{dot}com.

      Same to you,



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