Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012!

Hello there friends!

I hope that November is treating you well these first 6 days!

For my American readers out there, its Election Day! 

If you haven't already voted... hightail it on out to your local polling location!

I feel so blessed to live somewhere where I have the opportunity to share my voice in such a meaningful way!

So, GO VOTE! :)

  My first election (2008) was an amazing experience. I thought nothing would ever top that, but this year I am getting pretty darn excited. I definitely have a candidate that I strongly want to win, but I am more focused on how many Americans are utilizing their right to vote! It's very inspiring! :) 

However, I will be watching that map change colors all night!

The other stickers in the photo above were from my preschooler's this morning. I was apparently very popular! Speaking of my preschoolers.. See what clever idea our director dreamed up this morning!

She is teaching them to vote in general. They have very little concept of politics at their age, but they are being taught that their opinions matter! 

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