Monday, August 11, 2014

Embracing My Inner Nerd // Guardians of the Galaxy

Hi there, if you've dropped by recently you may have noticed that this blog has undergone a makeover and now has a shiny new layout. The tabs are still undergoing a little bit of adjustment (so indecisive!) and if you want to read the 'about me' section, that's really just too bad... haha Anyhow, I just wanted to write about something a little nerdy in the meantime.

I am not a huge fan of super hero movies. Some I like a lot more than others, but in general, it probably won't be my idea to go see one or rent one. It's just not my thing.

So, when KC suggested that we go see Guardians of the Galaxy, I was like 'sure.........' Knowing he rarely suggests a movie that I don't already want to see, I figured it was good to go ahead and say yes. A night at the movies with my love, where's the bad? He kept saying how good he had heard it was, and I kept hearing the same thing. But to be perfectly honest... other than who was in the movie and a vague image of their characters, I had NO idea what I was going to see.

And... I can honestly tell you... that this movie was absolutely amazing.

I was so surprised how into it I was. I was riveted. And I would honestly go see it again, buy the soundtrack and eventually the DVD. :)

For anyone who is curious: It is sort of a companion to the Avengers, but it is about a human who is taken up into space and who works as a scavenger selling valuable items. Through a series of events he bands together with four other misfits for a whirlwind adventure.

What you actually need to know:

Chris Pratt is hilarious and super good-looking. So much of his charm comes from his humor... which is so refreshing in a 'super hero'. He's still got the troubled past, but he isn't so serious. (plus the movie gives me Everwood flashbacks! Anyone else? )

The characters are lovable and clever. And it's nice to see a misfits as heroes. Drax (big guy on the right) is extra hilarious to me, because he doesn't understand non-literal language... it's just really funny.

Zoe Sandala will make you want to paint your skin green for Halloween. I already liked her, but she's just really awesome in action roles.

The throwback music if fantastic.

So, consider going to see it, keep your mind open for something funny and unexpected. Let me know what you think if you see it! :)

I think I can safely say, seeing this movie can cross off the item on my Summer Bucket List 'Do Something Unexpected'.

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? What did you think?

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  1. I love your new look! I haven't been around the blogosphere lately, so apologies if I'm behind the times. But seriously. LOVE it.

  2. Thanks Sarah! :) It was so much fun to design.... I'll be even happier when my tabs are the way I want them. ;) XO-Alexandra

  3. My boyfriend's dad's coming to visit tomorrow for a week, and they've made plans to go see this in the movies. I'm thinking I should probably crash their father-son date? Haha

  4. Hilde, I certainly would! :) I found it really fun... you'll have to let me know what they/you think. :) XO


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