Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Drives, Life Changes, Angel in Blue Jeans

I haven't really blogged about this, but some of you may know, my parents and youngest sister Olivia recently moved from Kansas to Arizona. This is a huge change for us, and there is now about a 20 hour drive between the cities. I won't lie, it's been really rough.

We had the garage sale, the auction, picking out what we wanted to keep, packing the uhaul, unpacking the uhaul. Spending as much time as we could together before they left. We've never lived more than a 30 minutes drive apart... so  this has been quite the adjustment. And the O, she is just so little, it's hard to be away from her. There have been a lot of days where I'm really sad, and also a lot of tears. #emotionalgirlprobs

All this being said we are lucky that we get a good amount of vacation days at our office, and that there are a few airlines that fly from here to there really inexpensively. So, look forward to lots of desert pictures coming your way for the rest of forever, because you can bet that we will head South whenever we can. ;)

Before all of this, for my mom's birthday we all chipped in and bought her six tickets to see Train at a fun theater in Kansas City. Jess and I grew up spending summers in the car with my mom. We went to the pool, the library, garage sales, all over the place. I remember sitting in the car, windows down, flipping through my library books, hair dripping with pool water, "Get To Me" blasting from the speakers. The soundtrack to these days was always Train. She loves them, we still love them, it just made sense to get her the tickets. At the time we didn't know when they would be moving, so mom and OE had to fly back for the show, over the past weekend. I am SO glad that they did. It's been really good to see them, and I am glad that we got to spend more time together before they left for Arizona again today.

It was a great concert and a great way to spend time together, to have us almost all together (Hi dad!) and spend a night doing something fun and special. They played lots of old songs, so we were able to re-live our summer car ride days. It was so fun to sing and dance and laugh together. Most of all I hope that it gave all of us, especially my mom, the opportunity to just relax and not think about anything but the show. (At least before we started driving home... more on this later)...

As much as I love old Train.. (a bunch)... I'm kind of obsessed with their newer single: (plus Hannah Simone is just adorable, and this video is hilarious) 

What are your favorite memories of family time in the summers?

Happy Weekend!!




  1. living apart from family is hard, and my heart goes out to you <3 i actually grew up in arizona, and although my family still lives there, i'm in minneapolis. so! we'll both be visiting the desert (hopefully in winter!) to see our loved ones :) also - i'd start planning a road trip to the grand canyon asap :)

  2. Aww this is such a sweet post. It can definitely be rough being so far from family. My first time was when my Momma went to Korea for almost a month while I was in high school and it was so very apparent that she was gone! I can only take so much of my Dad's salsa eggs for breakfast before I get sick of them lol...


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  3. That is rough, I'm sure it's hard to be so far away from them. Good thing you're able to take some time to go visit though. And the concert sounds fun--I bet your mom loved getting those tickets as a gift!

  4. Being away from family is tough, but I'm glad that you have vacation time to spend together! And what a fun gift to give your mom! My favorite summertime memories are of road trips across the country! We used to camp instead of stay in hotels, and we would visit national parks and such on the way! So much fun! :D


  5. That's really hard they are moving away, but it will make visiting so much more meaningful! I have lived away from my parents for 7 years...and I really like the independence!
    Melanie @


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