Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arab Shrine Craft Fair 2010

Arab Shrine Craft Fair 2010

In June my grandma gave me all of her jewelry making supplies, beads etc for a craft fair at her shrine this weekend (October 23rd). I spent a lot of my time and money preparing for the show. 

I made a lot of very cute things, and had a great table set up. However the audience was not buying it. I sold enough to make a small profit, but overall it was a pretty big let down. Regardless here are some pictures of the jewelry and my display.
Me at my booth. 
 Center Table Display.
 Newest Color Set
 Earring Display. I love these frames. <3 Worth every second of work, and every penny. 
 Beaded Bracelets.
 Plates, Cups etc displays.

That is pretty much it. The look was exactly how I wanted it. The turn out was very disappointing. I have a lot of things left, so I will be hopefully having a jewelry party at Miller and possibly one at my house as well. Or maybe an Etsy account will be opened. I will keep you updated.

Thanks to the few of you who came to visit! :) And the even more of you who have been supporting me outside of the craft fair. :)


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