Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate Week October 11th-18th!

Chocolate Week 
October 11th - 18th
I love chocolate. Most of you can relate I'm sure. But I never really realized how much I loved chocolate until this week, chocolate week. I'm sure you just got a great mental image of me eating a huge box of chocolates in one sitting in my sweat pants, because I absolutely did too. The actual experience however has been quite different.
Chocolate, I crave it each time I finish a dinner, late at night, when I see a particularly tasty candy bar in the line at the supermarket, and any time we go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. But the reality is, as good as it sounds, its never that good. I mean think about it; unless its been a really long time since you've eaten it last, do you find yourself saying "that was a treat!" or "How delicious" after you finish that insert name of candy bar here? I don't. So honestly, I was beginning to tire of chocolate in all together. 
Even boxed chocolates, you know its Valentine's day and your family or boyfriend etc gives you a box of Russel Stover chocolates. Exciting right? Sure, it can be. But at my house it usually ends in a fight over the caramel, coconut and truffle flavors. Or what happens when someone looses the chart that tells you which kind is which? Or if there are only 5 or so chocolates left and they have been moved around? You end up with a strawberry cream and spit it right back out if you're me.

Thank goodness for chocolate week which made me fall in love with chocolate again.

 Search for Mediocre Chocolates and Fail

I decided that a nice box of chocolates would be a romantic surprise for Kyle and that we could enjoy them together. The idea was good enough, but the search was a bit of a struggle. My initial thought was the standard box of Russel Stover's but as I began searching it was a lot harder than I expected. Target only had Ghiradelli boxed chocolates and honestly that didn't sound like it was going to cut it. I was going to do this right. T.J. Maxx was my next stop. Nothing. World Market. Nearly nothing. The Merc? Yeah fancy organic chocolates? Non-existant in boxed form. Dissappointment. Apparently boxed chocolates are extremely hard to find outside of February.(note: yesterday I found tons at walmart and hyvee... )

Unexpected Success/In Love Again

The next day I rememberd that Lawrence has a lovely European Market called Au Marche. I nearly ran downtown in excitement. I walked in and there they were. Beautifully made and decorated artisan chocolates all lined up perfectly in a large glass case. Wonderful. As I looked at the different flavors I was dissappointed to see that they were a little picked over in selection. But I was determined to have a chocolate week surprise, so I picked four flavors and had them wrapped in a box. The chocolates were not actually from Europe, but a local artist in Kansas City. I was excited and very hopeful especially when I got to the cash register. For those four chocolates I spent approximately $10! They had better be good! 
Conclusion: Chocolate = Worth The Splurge
Those chocolates were the best chocolates I had ever had. They were beautiful, extremely delicious and worth every penny. We made a night of it and rented Chocolat as well. It was a really nice and very tasty evening. Now I know where to get the best chocolates in town for any occasion that I might need them! 
Have a Wonderful Chocolate Week! Too Late? Extend it a Week, No One Will Know. And also it took me forever to post this. Boo for busy-ness.



  1. I LOVE the chocolates from Au Marche! They have a dark chocolate that is AMAZING. Also, next time you go to The Legends, go to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and get one of the dark chocolate truffles. Simply AMAZING.

  2. I've been there at Lake of the Ozarks! :) I like their caramel apples.. not quite as good as Au Marche though :).


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