Wednesday, January 5, 2011

11 Goals for 2011

  1. Hello blog world. Its been way too long. Lets just say the end of 2010 was rough for me. But now its 2011 and I'm starting all over. I don't know if you know this but I am extremely goal oriented. I love lists. I make a list for every break, year, school year etc. However this year my list is not super solid yet.. but I am pleased with what I have so far. 

So here it is.

1) Treat the week as if it starts on Sunday. 

I don't know about you but I have begun to dread and not enjoy my Sundays just because they are followed by Mondays. How awful is that? Hating Sundays and Mondays leaves me with 2/7 of my life that I don't like. That's miserable. So I've decided that my weeks now start on Sunday. I think this will help me feel like I end my week with a break (Friday/Saturday) and begin my week with a break (Sunday). Then I get to begin my week with a day of rest, fun, break whatever so that when Monday comes around I am not so unhappy. 

2) Get into Fitness Routine 

I blogged about this back in the fall and it worked out pretty well until my shimmy class ended, I got very busy with classes and then broke my foot. A broken foot and a walking boot on your leg not only makes everything more difficult but makes exercise nearly impossible. (boo) 

This year I am starting fresh on a well recovering foot :) 

Specific Fitness Goals:
a) Take a fit class at the rec center 3-4 times per week.
(Shimmy, Yoga, Zumba)
b) Do Yoga DVDs (or the like) 2-3 times per week.
(my favorites are anything Gaiam, especially with Rodney Yee or Coleen Saidman) 
c) Get Outside
(I want to make an effort to find beautiful Kansas scenery to walk, jog, run, bike, hike, camp... anything!) 

3) Open a Nest Egg Savings Account

Have a certain $ amount or % pulled from my pay checks and deposited into an account for only savings. I will also put all of my coins from various banks (both piggy and moose-y) in that account and a certain % of my jewelry earnings.
4) Read at least 12 books

During school it is extremely hard to find time to read anything but non-fiction and magazines. But I find if I make a goal to read and crowd my little space in my room with tons of books I am much more likely to do it. In 2010 I resolved to read 20 and read 12 which I thought was pretty good, so this year I will resolve to meet or exceed last year's record.

5)Continue to swap my regular products for Eco-friendly / organic versions once the original is used up (but do a better job) 

 This has been a goal of mine for a while and I am not going to lie, I have strayed. To be honest sometimes I just want to be "normal" and sometimes I am extremely short on money. But I've realized that neither of these reasons are very valid. I feel much better about my purchases when I make them with the environment and my own health in mind. Of the products I have switched I am very pleased with most all of them. (I might blog about this later for more specific info) So goodbye chemicals! :)
6) Stock a Healthier Kitchen (or fridge and cabinet space :))and then utilize it to its fullest extent.

I have been reading a lot of health magazines and books and getting really interested in nutrition. Learning about balancing different nutrients and which foods do what for you. Women's Health issued a "Eat This! Not That!" special issue that had some really helpful information in it. It tells you which tortillas, cereals etc are healthiest compared to their counterparts. A little of this seems to "Diet-y" to me. But honestly much less so than I expected. (I will probably blog about this later too with more specifics) I also want to use my new stock of nourishing food and fun new kitchen tools (thanks for the Chrismas Gifts) to actually make more real food for myself for lunches and meals that my kitchen won't be cooking. Instead of Ramen.. or picking something up at the snack bar. 

7)Reflect, Relax and De-Stress!

This goal has a few different points to it. 
a) Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.
b) Do yoga to relax/De-Stress
c) Exercise in general to sleep better
d) Write down thoughts in my journal (or here!) to get it out of my mind and for later reflection.
e) Try Meditation (guided at first) just to see how I like it.
f) get outside

8) Pamper (somewhat related to #7)

I am one of those people who is very busy most of the time. I spend most of my weekends and evenings worried about fitting everyone and everything in. Which usually exhausts me, stresses me out and keeps me living out of a "suitcase". This year I would love to lose a leats a few of those feelings by making more time for myself.
a) Making Miller feel more like home
b) adventure with aroma therapy
c) get regular hair cuts/brow waxes
d) get a massage/have Kyle learn :)
e) do nails/foot soaks/facials/hot tub soaks
f) use my makeup in the mornings (when I feel like it)

 9) Travel (and dream about traveling)

self explainatory
a) Get out of the state at least 3 times. 
b) Go at least 1 new place.
c) make updated lists of places I want to go someday
d) take any opportunity
e) utilize breaks and opportunities through school
f) enjoy the great outdoors (camp, hike, bike, canoe...) anywhere

10) Be a More Responsible Consumer

This basically means to pay attention to what I am buying and why I am buying it. I want to buy healthier purchases for myself (food), the earth (everything), used products (books, movies, clothes, buying fairly traded products, and donating to charity). I know some really cool organizations and websites for this one so I will also post separately about this later. Also to make sure it something I really want or need. Make sure its something that I don't already have. By shopping this way I will also be able to get much better prices, saving me money. High-Five mother earth! :)
11) (as always) Try New Things, Accept Challenges and Do What I'm Afraid of.

 I love a good challenge, a new experience, something that scares me. That is how I have had some of the most rewarding expereiences of my life so far. So I'm not stopping now. :)
Hello 2011! You are certainly welcome here!!

What are your goals for 2011?

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