Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snapshots of Nebraska // Summer 2011

Omaha is great.

Kyle had never been to Nebraska. ha.

And after 9 hours of summer class....

I was ready to get out of town :)

Our first stop....

Muncher's Bakery, Lawrence KS

 Home of the best doughnuts/ and mini cinnamon rolls in the world.

 At the zoo!

 Kyle feeding the crazy fish :)

I love these fish :)

 Sundial, garden of the senses

swan fountain

King Kong Burger

 always wanted to try it... but they were out of ice cream.

 so we went to Zesto!

Which unfortunately was awful.. :( 

Old Market <3

 My first Experience Actually Shopping Here! :)

 All made of Paper! How Cool!

 Adorable Store!! :)

Our Bundt cakes which were mini and delicious.. and sadly, never got finished. :( 

Wind Turbines, so Inspiring!

The Lied Lodge, Nebraska City


 Kyle's! :)

Dining Area! Every time I've been here, the food has been phenomenal.

 Cool Lighting

 Epic Mantle

 Amazing Hanging :)

 Environmental and Nature Related Quotes Around the Tops of the Walls.

 I love this place.

 Hiking Around


Beautiful Handles!

This was our trip! It was a blast, we played our wonderful St. Louis road trip mix! It was the perfect refresher trip!

What do you like to do for a short weekend trip?

All For Now,


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