Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Feats: Helping People Do Good

One day while I was shopping on Gaiam.com I stumbled across an add for Daily Feats. I didn't know what it was but I signed up.. and haven't looked back since.

Daily Feats allows you to log your daily "good" activities and earn points on their website. You can check in and say that you took the stairs, spent time outside, read a book, volunteered, ate leafy greens etc. And earn points which you can save up to redeem for online gift cards from places like Starbucks, Fandango, iTunes and Barnes and Noble {just to name a few!}. 

Not only can you redeem online gift cards but you can also donate your points to worthy charities! 

I have found that this website keeps me accountable to do good things in my daily life and keep me on track with my goal setting! I will start logging and see something that makes me think "hmm I should really do yoga today" or "I should really make a menu for the week!". It definitely keeps me on track with healthy habits and goals. But it also rewards you for doing fun things too! Reading, Dancing, Singing, Hosting a Gathering etc. It is both a health and social reward system.

As you may have noticed using Daily Feats consistently is actually one of my 2012 resolutions! Summer was the perfect time to get on track! I log my feats every weekday now!

The first time I used my daily feats points I donated $10 to Millennium Promise and ~$50 to Companions for Heroes. Millennium Promise is a global organization that is working to reduce and eradicate hunger and poverty around the world. Companions for Heroes is an organization that works to pair shelter/rescue animals with veterans who need service or companion animals. 

The second time I redeemed my points I received a $10 gift card to Gaiam.com.

The third time I redeemed my points I received a $10 Starbucks gift card.

The fourth time I redeemed my points I donated $165 to Companions for Heroes

This website is doing so many great things for the world!

1) Its helping people to achieve their goals.
2) Its encouraging people to do good things in their daily lives.
3) Its rewarding people for their good deeds.
4) Its allowing people to pass on their reward for doing good to do more good through charity donations.

This website is amazing. I would highly recommend it to everyone. It can help you achieve your goals, earn some gift cards and make donations to excellent charities!

Sign up for Daily Feats today!

Also for those lucky smart phone users out there, they do have an app! It makes it really easy for you to log as you go! 

Please send me your feedback or stories about using Daily Feats as well as your questions!

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The Day after I posted this I came across a Companions for Heroes Video. After watching this video I decided to donate another $100 to the cause with my Daily Feats points! It is such a wonderful organization! :) Check out the video:


*NOTE* I do not work for Daily Feats, nor am I being commissioned to write this post by them. I am blogging about it because it is something that I truly believe in. {wouldn't it be cool to work for them though?? :)}

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