Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Perfect. Plum. Polish

For what feels like a very long time I have been looking for a plum nail polish. Doesn't sound too hard.. but it is!

I have bought 4 different polishes hoping that they would be plum like the color swatch. Most turn out to be burgundy or almost black... 

Finally, I have found the perfect plum polish!

OPI's Vampsterdam

Here is how it looks! (without touch-ups!)

I am SO excited!

Bonus: OPI has removed most of the really nasty chemicals that are often found in nail polish. So its greener and cleaner!

What is your favorite polish?

All for now,


  1. woohoo I am glad you found what you were looking for! I personally love all dark purple polishes and have quite a few (and who knows why since they all look similar!). It is my go-to colour in the winter months.

  2. Me too! Such a long search! I love dark polish all year round.. but it is perfect for winter. Sometimes I throw some glitter on top to lighten it up :)


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