Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Snapshots of Boston & The Maritime Provinces // Cruise // July 2013

When we started planning our summer trip, we tried to think of something that would be completely different from the trips we've taken recently (The Southwest, Texas, The Midwest). We decided that after a lot of long driving trips it would be nice to do something that required less planning. We also wanted to try to go somewhere where it wasn't so hot, because in Kansas the temperature usually hangs between 90 and 100 degrees all summer long... 

We decided that a cruise was the most cost effective way to get somewhere with cooler temperatures (i.e. far-ish away) so we made it happen! 

We decided on the Canadian Maritime cruise vs. the Alaskan one because Alaska is at the top of both of our lists and there was WAY too much pressure! Having been to Canada several times before, we figured visiting more provinces would be fun.

We flew out of KC to Detroit and then from Detroit to Boston where we got on our ship, and headed to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Canada. At the end of the trip we spent a bit more time in Boston.

Here are some snapshots of our trip! 

(detailed posts linked into location titles!)

Saint John, New Brunswick

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Boston, Massachusetts 

We saw so many beautiful things; historical places, nature filled areas and did some really fun shopping. We took in the culture of the Atlantic Coast, enjoyed the food... the art and architecture. Oh, Canada! You're such a wonderful place!

Detailed posts coming soon! -linked in above!

Have you ever been to Canada? Or the Maritimes? 

What is your favorite place in Canada?

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  1. Everything is beautiful! I've never been to any of those places. Guess I need to add them to my list! ;)


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