Monday, October 3, 2016

Velma & Shaggy Costume Tutorial // DIY

*I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! For more costume ideas and my DIY (and money saving) tips and tricks check out this post! It includes links to all my other DIY costumes as well! Happy Haunting! XO - Alexandra*

HAPPY OCTOBER FRIENDS! :) - get ready for nothing but festive fall and Halloween posts coming your way! #sorrynotsorry

Last Halloween KC and I dressed up like Velma and Shaggy from Scooby Doo. It followed pretty much all of my criteria in coming up with a clever and inexpensive costume... read those 5 tips here.

Anyhow, these costumes were so fun and easy, I wanted to share a quick DIY and few costume-specific tips for you. :)

We pulled off each costume under $35!

Items needed:

Orange Turtleneck Sweater - might I suggest the thrift store?
Red Skirt - preferably pleated, or something with a little bit of a flare at the hem
Orange knee socks
Red Shoes
Square black framed glasses
Short brown wig with bangs


A black magnifying glass
A map
A notebook and pencil - for clues, obvs.

Variations and Notes:

Don't worry too much about the hues of orange and red... just try to make them match throughout your outfit. My orange was more of a deep hue, and my red was kind of a rusty color. But that's not a problem so long as you make it consistent from head to toe.


Holy cow, turtlenecks and bulky sweaters are NOT very flattering when you're busty. :( But you could definitely do a light weight sweater or long sleeved tee.

Items Needed:

Brown pants (these sweet sweet pants were in the Target Junior section, but they were stretchy so I knew they would fit KC and not be uncomfortable. What a trooper that guy... )
Bright Green Shirt - preferably baggy. Another good thrift store item!
Brown Shoes
Shaggy Hair


A sandwich or a jar of pickles :P

Variations and Notes:

Because we needed a baggy shirt, we found this one at goodwill... but it was HUGE and hella long! So we did the good ol' duct tape him trick that I did on my Poison Ivy costume years ago. Classic. Works every time. :)

So there you have it, a quick and easy costume pair for your Halloween inspiration! 

What are you hoping to be for Halloween this year?

What has been your favorite Halloween costume over the years?

More Halloween Costume Tutorials: Cruella de Vil, Natasha & Boris from Rocky & Bullwinkle, and Poison Ivy

Happy Haunting!



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