Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mix and Match Fall Trends // 2013

I am more of a "wear what you like" kind of person. 

But I think that for me, I have the best results when I am mixing things that I love (old standbys, random pieces, vintage pieces etc) with newer trendy things. I always make a point to ONLY buy things that I love and that typically goes pretty well. 

Plus, buying a whole new wardrobe every season isn't economical for anyone. 

So, like with anything else, I have been searching the fall magazines (and pinterest!) for trends that fit my sense of style and can be mixed in with my current wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorites!

feminine paired with tough
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This combo works nicely with my natural preference for extremely feminine clothing and attraction to dark colors. It's so moody and gorgeous.. now I'm searching for a gorgeous motorcycle jacket!

dressy sweatshirts
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Sweatshirts are so cozy, I love curling up in Kyle's old hoodies and track pants... but I've always wished there were cute sweatshirts that would keep me warm while feeling polished enough to go out in public. This is the answer my friends! I love both the sparkly ones and the studded variety. Plus you can dress these up too!

old fashioned shapes
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Old fashioned shapes are so gorgeous, defined waists, fuller skirts, they are typically more flattering than modern shapes! I find myself drawn mostly toward the silky evening wear... but it is all gorgeous! Hoping to find some more day to day pieces in my searching.

animal sweaters
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Graphic sweaters are really popular right now, and I think I am drawn mostly to the animal variety. I've seen adorable foxes, dogs, birds etc. But my favorite is always going to be cats. :) 

mixing bright/bold colors 
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Generally I am a dark color girl; black, navy, wine, plum etc. But recently I've been adding more brights to my wardrobe to mix in with my blacks, darks and neutrals. It's going pretty well so I might end up trying this trend of pairing brights together. I especially like the fuchsia with pumpkin! I've found that teal and navy is one of my favorite combos.. even though that only includes one bright.

One magazine tip I've seen is to find a bright print that you love and take individual solid colors from that to create a pleasing combo. -Thanks Glamour!

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I have a love/hate relationship with the menswear trend. I think that it looks super cute on petite girls or girls who are super tall and thin, but for girls with curves it's often harder to pull off baggy suit pieces! I think our best bet is to pick out individual pieces to pair with girly (more flattering) items in similar tones (like image 1). Another option is to choose fitted blazers or trousers in great feminine or bold colors like the red in the middle. Above all keeping makeup and hair girly and not slacking on the accessories keeps a girl from looking too manly. 

Along the Menswear line... Oxford Flats!
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These are great because they are so comfy and come in every color combo imaginable. I've seen printed (floral and stripes), metallic, glittery, every neutral and bright out there. There is sure to be a pair to fit every taste!

Printed Full(er) Skirt (+ long sweater!)
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Long sweaters are in this fall. I love that they are being paired with flowy skirts! This layering is super romantic and can take on so many different feels with all of the color, texture and print varieties right now. You can easily go glam, feminine, modern or vintage just by the colors you choose! I am in love with the gold brocade skirt in the middle picture!!!

Full Skirts + Winter Whites
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White, white, white! White is a popular color for EVERYTHING this fall. I especially love these full white skirts! The shapes are on trend and they could be paired with so many things! If "white-white" doesn't flatter your skintone, opt for a cream or ivory, it achieves the same effect.

charlotte olympia kitty flats 

My favorite fall trend that I would wear until I was an old cat lady.. I could go on and on .. but I'll spare you. See you in my dreams, kitty flats!

grown up polka dots
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Polka dots are still popular (yay!) Keep them in neutrals and dark colors to avoid looking like a little girl or Minnie Mouse. I LOVE this clutch!!

What are your favorite fall trends?

How are you going to work them into your existing wardrobe?

Let me know in the comments below! :)

Thanks for reading!



*all images via pinterest, all credit given to original sources which are linked below. all collages made by me*


  1. LOVING all of these styles and looks! Feel free to pick out my outfit N.E.Thyme. =]

  2. hehe Thanks! We'll see how my own outfits go .. :) XO

  3. Love this list!! Fun fact: the first girl in your "brights" collage is a blogger from Lawrence!

  4. That's awesome! She was on the Redbook website! woohoo L-town! :) / Thanks! Fashion posts :)


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