Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rivet & Sway // Try-on #3 // The Last One!

Ok, so I did it.

I ordered one. more. try-on kit.

I know it might seem excessive... but I ended up finding glasses that work for my face-shape and that are really fun!

It helped me eliminate.. and I don't have to do that "but what about that one pair..." Now, I just have to pick one of three pairs that all look good on me! 

But before I can get to that I've got to post about my last try-on kit. 

1. Punchline in 'Neapolitan', 2. Layer Cake in 'Saltwater Taffy', 3. Ticker Tape in 'Pink Confetti'.
Punchline in 'Neapolitan'

Sad, Sad, blurry pictures... :( Oh well, it happens. Anyhow, this frame is super cute, I love the colors. It ended up being just a bit too narrow for my face, so i don't think I'll end up getting them.. but I'm glad to know! I don't have to wonder about what they would have looked like anymore! This is their most popular frame, which explains why it was out of stock for my last try-on kit. If you've got a narrower face, go for it! :)Layer Cake in 'Saltwater Taffy'
When I first started using Rivet and Sway, I was sort of opposed to blue framed glasses, mostly because my eyes are blue and I thought that might be overkill... but I really love these! They are so fun, they've got the two-toned thing like Punchline, but also have a wider retro shape. They aren't too stylized though, which is good so I don't feel like a character. I was very pleasantly surprised by these!

Ticker Tape in 'Confetti Pink'

This pair was definitely my favorite of the three! The burgundy color is so fun but not too crazy, and the inside of the frame is pink which is a nice pop of color. I think that the frame is flattering and the angular shapes create contrast from my super rounded cheekbones. :) I really liked this pair!What do you think of these three pairs?

Have you tried any of them before?

Send me your comments and links!

Missed the first two try-ons?

Try-on #1

Try-on #2

Let me know what you think!

Coming next: My top three choices and choosing which one to order!

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  1. I'm kind of in love with the Napoleon, but I really like Saltwater Taffy as well!

  2. Thanks for voting! They are all so cute... :)


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