Monday, December 2, 2013

Snapshots of Our Belated Thanksgiving :) // 2013

Despite being at home for 5 straight days on some heavy cough medicine, our Thanksgiving break ended up being pretty nice. :) 

We spent lots of time cuddling and watching Christmas movies, we put up our tree and started wrapping presents. 

My family brought us Thanksgiving lunch on Thanksgiving and then Kyle's family brought us Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving. We even gave Duchess some turkey! She ate a few bites and proceeded to fall asleep for 6 or so hours.. and then didn't go back to it.

We did make ourselves a pumpkin pie... which we ended up finishing... let's be honest. I LOVE how easy pumpkin pies are to make! :)

We received our stocking names from his family's yearly drawing. And we are nearly DONE with all of our shopping! :)

On Sunday both of our families had a joint Thanksgiving so we could all be together and all have a 'real' Thanksgiving, which was so so so nice! It was great to get out of the house and see everyone. And it had been such a long time since both of our families were together!

Kyle and I made pumpkin pies and homemade cranberry sauce! The cranberry sauce was SO delicious! And Kyle should take most of the credit for the actual cooking of it... :) We used this recipe, via Pinterest....and I tucked it away!

My sister showed up all ENGAGED!?!?! :) So... we had a lot to talk about! 

I thought it was really fun that my mother-in-law put this turkey topper that we used to wrap her birthday present earlier in the month on top of one of her little Christmas trees for our Thanksgiving celebration! :) hehe

I went back to work today, and also found out that all of my lab results from my Dr. were negative! So I just had a nasty nasty virus, that is now mostly (I hope) gone! Luckily I did get a refill on my cough syrup since that isn't quite gone.

I also spent some time doing some Cyber Monday-ing. If you love 100 Percent Pure, hurry and check out their deals before midnight!! 

How was your Thanksgiving?

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