Monday, December 9, 2013

Love is an icy tumbler...

I woke up to the sound of Duchess rustling through the bedroom next to my bed very early this morning. It was hard to go back to sleep, and once I did I woke up to the very bright bathroom light. 

I am not a morning person. I want to be. I try to be. But I'm just not right now. 

So I woke up grumpy. 

I was thirsty from all of the sinus infection medication and I was feeling rushed.

Just seriously, seriously grumpy.

Kyle filled my tumbler and went out to warm up the car. I saw my tumbler up on the cabinet by the door, got my breakfast ready and then went into the bathroom. 

That's when I heard the crashing sound. My poor, poor tumbler, that had already been broken once by the cat, had hit the floor hard. I knew it as soon as I heard it. It was completely cracked and the lid was broken. Water all over the floor. 

It may seem really stupid to cry over spilled water. But I was SO thirsty, and that tumbler helps me make it through my day at school like nothing else. 

Not to mention, I was trying SO hard to be on time, very organized and to get myself well (once and for all!) that I just lost it. 

I called Kyle in the car and said/cried "myy tummbler!!" "I knew I should have moooved it!" "water everywhereeee!" and so on. Then I cleaned it up and finally made it out the door. 

I got into the car and calmed myself down. We were running a little behind but not too bad. I was just so mad. and SO thirsty. 

He wanted to go get me a water bottle, but there really wasn't time.

About an hour and a half into my morning he calls me and tells me to come outside. He's standing there with a new Starbucks tumbler FULL of icy water. :)

He just smiled and gave me a big hug. 

He makes my Mondays (and all days) so much better. 

(even, and especially when, I'm a mess)

Thank you my love for being so good to me even when I feel like I don't deserve it. 

You are the best. :)

Sometimes love is a smile. Sometimes it's a hug.

and sometimes it's an icy tumbler of water.

All for now,



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