Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Snapshots of Halloween // 2014

How's November treating you? I hope everyone goes out to vote today!!

I finally managed to get my Halloween pictures finished up, so here you have it. It was a pretty laid back event this year. It seems the older we get the harder it is to overlap our schedules. My dad was working until 11pm, my sister and her husband came after he got off work, none of our usual family or friends stopped in... but that's just how it goes sometimes. We didn't carve pumpkins, make a haunted cookie house or caramel apples. We just turned on festive music, dressed up and hung out... which ended up being just right. :)

It was a nice night, the main event being my mom's DIY Merida (from Brave) costume of my sister Olivia. Seriously impressive stuff! Here is a little collage to show you how much of a straight-haired blondie she is. And the middle is her REAL hair, curled and colored by my momma to make her look just like Merida. Crazy right??
Here is what it looked like with her whole costume on! -Which my mom also DIYed! She had a blast and it was good that she got to wear a (fake!) furry cloak, it was a cold night!!
I also got a few pictures of the pets.. as usual. Chili and Griz both enjoyed attention from everyone being home.
KC and I dressed up like Boris and Natasha for our Black  & White Halloween party a few weeks before, so we decided to dress up again for Halloween. :)
The costumes were really easy, but fun! KC is such a blast! He was really enjoying that hat.... :) -As usual everyone had fun trying on my wig. Including the cat and my father.... haha.
We all chatted and watched Stardust. Then Olivia and mom fell asleep and we all headed home. :) Next year we'll have to try to take more pictures. :)

Later that weekend my mom got Olivia dressed as a princess again for The Frozen Coronation Ball, and she got dressed up too. :) Such a fun mom we have, so lucky!
How was your Halloween??

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  1. that Merida costume is amazing, and holy hair - that's her real hair?! Fabulous. Love your costumes as well, I think we had the same wig lol!

  2. I know my mom is a DIY genius! YES! Can you even believe that is her real hair!?!?! I couldn't until I saw it! Haha how funny. It was a pretty good wig!

  3. Ah what a lovely family you have, that so fun! That merida costume and hair is phenomenal I am so impressed! We didn't have time to carve a pumpkin or any of tha jazz either, and it broke my heart, but it was a good reminder to be more prepared for the upcoming holidays.


  4. We have a lot of fun on Halloween, even when it is different than usual. It's so hard when there isn't time to do the traditional things... I agree it's always good to be more prepared. Or in our case I suppose we could have scheduled a different day for those activities since everyone has such a different schedule these days. :)

  5. Your sister is adorable, and oh my goodness, I have to know how your mom got her hair that curly! Also, you look SO differnt with straight hair! I wouldn't even have recognized you in that costume!

  6. She's such a cutie. I love being there for Halloween with her. :) I will see if I can get her to re-inact it for a DIY post, or maybe just send you the link.. haha. :) Yeah, it's crazy right? I used to straighten it from time to time, but I haven't felt like it in a long time. It's always fun to throw on a crazy wig for Halloween though! Thanks for reading! XO

  7. That Merida costume is so flawless, wow! I can't believe how big her hair got, I wish I could do that hehe.

    Arica, xxo

  8. Haha thanks Arica :) I was really impressed too! :) Thanks for stopping by! XO

  9. That hair is crazy!!! Your mom is talented in the costume & hair department. I bet your sister felt like a princess.

  10. Yes she is Jess! Thanks for the comment. She has made all three of us feel like princesses throughout the years. :) XO


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