Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Fancy & Favorites // You May Not Tickle My Fancy!

Hi everyone! How's your week been?!

Mine has been long, long, long. 

On Thursday night KC and I got to volunteer for an international conference that we were hosting. We got to mingle, have cocktails, a dinner, and then see a fun show. We met two very nice men from Denmark who loved our city and were especially fond of all of the squirrels. 

It was really fun. Had I been less busy with work tasks I would have loved to volunteer more during the week. Kind of a bummer.

Anyway, we dressed up for the event, and we looked pretty good... if I do say so myself... so here you have a sorta-kinda fashion post. ;) 

This skirt is so so so so so so fun to wear! I highly recommend!

t-shirt: H&M, $20
skirt: Target, Clearance, $12
flats: Target, $20(?)
necklace: TJMaxx, $16
bracelets: Jeweled Gypsy Truck, $30?

Total: $98
Recent Total: $52

KC looking dapper. He may or may not be growing his hair out.

Maybe or maybe not for his Halloween costume. Maybe or maybe not for a man bun. 


We had so much fun!

I'm so excited to see Celtic Woman with him next week.

This may or may not be my 7th time seeing them live....

Lastly, I'm going to leave you guys with a link to Flula. Because that guy is ridiculously funny...

Grasshoppings and Fish in Barrel are my favorites, but this one is about Tickling Your Fancy... so there you go. I just love his commentary on the odd things Americans say. I could laugh for hours at these videos. The one about Twerking is pretty hilarious too... 

And as he is German... we've got a very international theme to this post, and no other consistency.. hhaa :) 

If we hung out in person, you would probably hear me making little flula quotes in everyday conversation. bhah



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