Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! // Get Festive

You guys, Halloween is so fun.
We are prepping for another Black and White Hallow's Night party here. Though of course the Royals are in the World Series.... which is super awesome(!)... but it does mean that there will be a game every night. Including Halloween. So I'm not sure how many people will show up. Even with the game on at our house. Hopefully some...!

While we put the finishing touches on our costumes, and plan out the rest of our menu, it has me thinking back to some past Halloween posts... if you are in need of a costume tutorial, fun Halloween playlist, or movie suggestions... click on! Or maybe that pumpkin waffle recipe... ? nom.

5 Steps to an AMAZING (& Cheap) Costume, Last Minute too! It's not too late! :)

Vintage and Indie meet in this Halloween playlist, *spook ! (6 hours long..... mildly more than anyone should ever need... but.... )

Halloween Movie Night Picks for the Kiddos, and the Scaredy Cats (*raises hand!*) A selection of fun costume-y movies, perfect for the occasion.

More Halloween Movie Night Picks, of the witchy and spooky variety. Or perhaps you want to start Witches of East End and watch it non-stop through the weekend? No judgement here.

Or you know, maybe you just want some Pumpkin Waffles... and Gilmore Girls... ?
I've been super busy on the invitation train, WOOHOO! But I have definitely been neglecting my various bucket and movie lists... and let's not even get started on reading in October... : / hah

What have you guys been up to?!

What are you doing for Halloween?!



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