Friday, April 27, 2012

Snapshots of San Antonio // Spring Break // March 2012

Day 4 of Texas Road Trip

First we went to the Riverwalk. We walked (heh) and then grabbed some lunch. We actually ran into some friends from Lawrence, which was a crazy coincidence! We should have grabbed a picture, but they will back us up on it :)

It was so beautiful and clean! It was FULL of water because of the recent storms.

We ate lunch at a pizza place. It wasn't anything too special.. but look what they had on the door! :) Rock chalk!

Then we walked literally right across the street to the Alamo! It was so cool!

Inside of the garden walls there was the loveliest old tree!
Don't you just want to climb it and read a book in it like Alice? I did!

The garden also had a lovely fountain area.

There was also a library and research area inside of the walls. I just love the architecture! Its a shame its so hard to get pictures without tourists, but oh well :) {we probably made it in a few ourselves...}

A funny picture of us outside of the Alamo. Fuzzy, funny angle... ha oh well that's us :) I should also note that the Alamo has a great gift shop :) I got some horseshoe shaped earrings that are awesome and various other fun Texas-y things.

We stayed at a really nice bed and breakfast called 1908 Ayres Inn. It was lovely and the food was wonderful! We actually ended up running into a couple who grew up in Kansas AND went to KU! It was so fun to talk with them and hear about his love of KU basketball when "Coach Allen" was coach! Can you believe that? I wish we had taken a photo of them, but they were so very sweet.

There was a really nice porch area as well that would be great for a nice day or evening's relaxation!

We shopped around and boutiques and I found a lululemon store, so I bought my first pair of lululemon pants! :) It was a splurge, but so worth it so far! :){sorry the lighting was bad for this picture.. it looks yellow-y but its really a nice seafoam color :)} They are reversible and black on the other side.

Then we headed back out to the Riverwalk where we had a lovely Italian dinner (which we split) and 2 wonderful desserts!

I should also mention that I got pretty into the cowboy / cowgirl culture. At least the vintagey part. So here is a picture of one of my favorite souvenirs. :)

Isn't it cute!?!

Because we didn't take any pictures in Austin, this is my last blog post about our Texas Road Trip!

All though I should mention that we ate at 2 wonderful places there! Torchy's Tacos and Trudy's. Check them out if you are in the area. Thanks for the Trudy's recommendation SUZE! The fried avocado was delicious! :) We also had fried avocado tacos at Torchy's. Apparently the people of Austin like their avocados fried.

Hope you enjoyed the ride with us :)

Suggestions for our next trip??

All for now,


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