Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snapshots of Kyle, TX // Spring Break // March 2012

Day 2 of Texas road trip

The second day of our trip we traveled to a small town called Kyle, TX {about 30 minutes south of Austin}.

We had to go there:

1) How can you pass up a town with the same name as your husband?

2)The main attraction the Inn Above Onion Creek. Its a Select Registry approved Inn. And it was GORGEOUS! So worth it in everyway.

Kyle Water Tower

The Writer Katherine Anne Porter's House.
That's my mom's name so we had to visit!

We ate lunch at what sounded like a fun little place called the Motley Menagerie. It turned out being kind of sketchy. We were the only ones there, the food was straight from the package and the same James Blunt Song {Goodbye My Lover} played OVER and OVER and OVER again. The decor was a mix of frightening porcelain dolls, animal prints and modern paintings of women. It was pretty rough, we survived.. but I definitely would not recommend it. Possibly the reviews online had been tampered with? Or maybe we caught it on a bad day..? Who knows.

But then we got to the lovely Inn!

It had "hiking trails" around the property that were lovely. Having hiked in New Mexico quite a bit on that trip these felt more like walking trails to me, but were nice all the same. The grounds are BEAUTIFUL!

Lovely wildflowers made their home all over the trails.

Having fun!

Fantastic Tree!

Somebody Lost a Shoe! Poor little guy!

Bootsie the Cat.

Simon the Cat. It was about to storm.. he wasn't pleased.

Then we headed out to the Texas Pie Company! We bought pies but they went bad before we could eat them since we were in the car so much! :( But we are sure they were delicious! You can buy many sizes and various non-pie treats as well!

Cute Sign!

Fun wall art!

Kyle in Kyle! :)

This Inn served both dinner and breakfast included in your rate! It was so delicious very gourmet!

Roasted chicken, Garlic Herb Spaetzelle {german noodle}, a roll and Brussel Sprouts in Butter with Pecans. YUM!

For dessert we had almond cake that was sugared on top. It was so good that we ate most of it before we remembered to take a picture!

Very cute decor in the dining room!

The gardens!

The breakfast was also wonderful! We had strawberry topped waffles and scambled eggs! We also forgot to take a picture of this! .. probably because it was also delicious!

I hope that we are able to visit the Inn again sometime in the future. It was so relaxing and beautiful!

They also have a spa and a pool. It was too cold to swim but I was able to book a treatment at the spa at the last minute. I got a salt scrub and a mud wrap. It was really nice!

Have you ever been to Texas Hill Country?

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