Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apartment Herb Garden!

Hi everyone! Taking a break from the Texas posts for the time being.

The weather is getting warm so why not start a mini {or full sized} garden? 

I love to use fresh herbs when I cook, it makes meals so much more flavorful and colorful!

But buying fresh herbs for every recipe is EXPENSIVE and they often go to waste before you can use them all. 


We decided to plant an herb garden! {which fulfills my plant 2012 resolution!}

Here are some tips, steps and advice!

We started with: 

a long wooden planter {$40}, organic complete potting mix {$10}, various herbs {~$3-5 each, which is how much fresh herbs for cooking cost at the store!!} and some transplanting mix {$7}. We also got a watering can, gloves and some smaller pots for the extra plants.

1) Choose your herbs based on what you typically use in your cooking. Here is what I bought: Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary, Thyme, Dill, Chives, Oregano and Lavender. 

If you aren't sure where to start, I would suggest Basil, Rosemary, Thyme and Cilantro. Rosemary is really resilient, Basil is great for everything. Cilantro is necessary for guacamole {enough said!}. Lastly, thyme is just a lovely herb. 

{I will give some recipe suggestions later!}

2) Next, gather up your soil, plants and pots of various sizes based on needs. If you want to start small {ex. the 4 suggested above} then you would be fine just buying 4 smaller simple pots. If you want to go all out, buying a larger container like we did will also work. We bought several smaller pots as well to plant the extras and to replant my ivy.

3) Then add soil to the base of the planter or pots. Try out different placements for the herbs that will be planted together. {check to see what type of sun/shade they prefer on the tags} Plant similar plants together {i.e. full sun plants in the same planter}. 

4) When you have chosen your planting order, gently coax the plants out of their plastic pots and give them a good squeeze once they are out. Set them on top of the soil layer and surround them with soil. 

5) Once they are all planted give them a good water with the transplant liquid {dilute according to directions!}. Set outside where they will get some sun and water as needed! 

The plants are still doing great! We planted them about a month ago and they are really loving this heat! The cilantro has gone crazy!

Ironically the first two herbs we have needed for cooking have been sage and mint.. so I guess I will be buying a few more pots eventually. oh well!

I also replanted my Ivy, which I got last semester and it has been growing so beautifully. It was a baby when I got it and now look at it! It was getting so big that it kept tipping its plastic pot over, so I gave it a new home! :)

Happy Gardening!

Feel free to write in questions or tips of your own in the comments section below! 

All for now,


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