Monday, June 25, 2012

Apricot Chicken Paninis {recipe #43}

This is a recipe that we found in Pioneer Woman's newest cookbook. It sounded strange, but for some reason I wanted to try it. Plus, I had just found a jar of organic apricot preserves on clearance at Target. So we went for it! Thank goodness we did! This recipe was AMAZING! :)

Apricot Chicken Paninis


Chicken Breasts (flattened if you'd like and cut to a good size for your bread)
French Bread
Apricot Preserves
Fresh Sage Leaves
red onion slices (thin)

1) Pan fry chicken breasts in oil. Fry the fresh sage leaves also, take out before they turn brown.
2) mix mayonnaise and apricot preserves to make a spread.
3) Cut up the bread into slices. Spread with mayo-apricot mixture. Put the fried sage leaves on one side and the onion slices on the other. 
4) Put the sandwich together with the chicken in the middle and spread butter on both pieces of bread. 
5) Put in panini press, grill pan or skillet. We used our cast-iron grill pan with a smaller cast iron skillet on top. It worked out great! If using the grill pan or skillet. Flip and cook on other side as well.
6) enjoy this messy messy DELICIOUS sandwich! :)


What is your favorite panini recipe?

All for now!


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