Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Is Over. Bucketlist Review.

Summer is over.

That is sad, but I am really pleased with everything I/we accomplished this summer. 

Because of the extreme Kansas heat, we decided to postpone some of these for the fall (marked with a *). Others just didn't get finished... and that's ok.

1) go camping*
2) watch brother bear
3) have s'mores
4) find a dance workout DVD that i like
5) have a garage sale/organize & consolidate belongings
6) go on at least 1 trip (somewhere new)
7) see fireworks
8) go to La Bodega 
9) stargaze 
10) watch beauty & the beast
11) go antiquing
12) take Kyle to an art museum
13) get an iphone
14) treat loved ones to a french toast breakfast
15) sew something
16) get into a workout routine with Kyle
17) have a LOTR marathon
18) go to Birdies
19) turn 22 and get a birthday cake shot at Henry's
20) have a picnic*
21) join the Merc
22) go swimming
23) consolidate banks
24) make a berry pie
25) garden (in the plot)- gave ours away - no time
26) work on my Miller scrapbook
27) read at least 2 classic novels (just finished 1)
28) make pop sickles
30) clean Molly (the car)
31) watch Star Wars (all of them)
32) find a new board game or card game that I like
33) update insurance stuff
34) try a new margarita recipe
35) host a gathering
36) watch treasure planet
37) have at least 1 outdoor adventure
38) go to the farm*
39) go antiquing
40) go to Dave & Buster's
41) watch Poseidon
42) make something for our home
43) read at least 5 books
44) go to a drive in movie
45) try at least 3 new restaurants
46) begin travel scrapbook
47) try a new sangria recipe
48) go on a road trip (even a day trip)
49) watch Anastasia
50) get a coloring book
51) finish one creative project 

Additional Summer(early fall) Achievements:
- Got a new doctor
-purchased a "professional" wardrobe for my internship
-watched all 3 seasons of the vampire diaries
-finished watching Gilmore Girls all the way through with Kyle
-thrifted like there was no tomorrow

How did you guys do this summer?

What are your goals for the fall/winter? I have started thinking about mine. List Coming Soon! :) 

All for now,


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