Monday, April 22, 2013

Snapshots of Amarillo and Tyler's Barbeque // Spring Break // March 2013

On our Southwest road trip we stopped in Amarillo twice. Once on the way down and once on the way back up.

On the way down we got in late and ordered a pizza in our room. The pizza was not impressive and neither was the hotel. No wifi is a sad thing on a road trip.

On the way back up, we stopped again after a long day of driving (11 hours!). We got in late again but decided to stop for dinner at Trip Advisor's number one rated restaurant, Tyler's Barbeque.

We walked in about 10 minutes before closing time and were worried that we were too late. We walked in hesitantly and Tyler himself said, "Come on in! We're gonna be here for a while!" Instantly I felt at home. After traveling through very west-coasty Phoenix where drivers are rude and people aren't much better... Tyler was the perfect person to meet! Thank you for your hospitality!

He immediately commented on Kyle's Jayhawk shirt and asked us about Kansas and being on spring break. You really miss that friendliness when you leave the Midwest, but don't usually notice it until you return!

We each picked some yummy barbeque. I loved the chicken! The potato salad was great!

The BBQ sauce and baked beans were a little spicy for us, but we were so hungry and tired that it didn't matter too much!

The atmosphere was great as well. Very country but vintage-y. Lots of hats and signs, mismatched furniture. It was really nice!

Plus, the prices were good!

I highly recommend visiting Tyler's if you happen to be in Amarillo.

Up next: Snapshots of Garland Texas and Bethany Dillon.

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