Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh yeah... Pictures from the Ship! // Cruise // July 2013

For those of you waiting for pictures from the cruise itself... here you go! (more pictures + cruise observations below)

Boston Skyline

What happens when I try to take a panorama pic... every time.

(almost artsy.. right?)

KC's Perfect Panorama!

Bye Bye Boston!

12 observations about cruises:
(based on my very limited experience)

1) Cruise ships are noisy.. always music. Always. LOUD music.(not necessarily good music..)

2) It's fun to have a reason to dress up! I don't think to get dressed up for dinner or shows here at home, not even on vacation.. but on the ship it was a no-brainer! Super fun, I'll have to start doing it here more too!

3) Fog horns are loud y'all. And repetitive.. only every couple minutes... (safety is important...)

4) Just because you can take WAY more food than you need to, doesn't mean it's a good idea. Don't be wasteful, yeah I'm talking to you chocolate buffet ransackers. 

5)Soft serve ice cream at any time is the most awesome and most dangerous thing!

6)  Tropical ship environments in the middle of the New England-y Atlantic-y region has got a little bit of a disconnect... but the tropical drinks... made it not matter so much! :)

7) Interior state rooms are really great. So dark at night and plenty of room when you're awake. Plus they are the cheapest! :)

8) Towel animals may be expected... but they were always a happy surprise for me! :)

9) People who do Karaoke are really endearing. Like Rudy, the Chinese man from LA who NAILED La Bomba! (no sarcasm folks!) Or the white teen with the afro speak-singing U2's It's a Beautiful Day, with actions. These people make me really, really, really happy.

10) Cruise dinner food is actually really good! I was pleasantly surprised by most of the things that I ordered :)

11) Seeing wildlife from a ship in the middle of the ocean is unexpected and magical. My first whale sighting.

12) Playing mini golf on top of a ship is crazy awesome!

Have you ever taken a cruise? How was your experience? Where did you go? Comment Below!

Missed the location posts? Click on the location for the link. Boston, Halifax & Peggy's Cove, NS, and Saint John, NB

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