Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About Time We Had A Date Night....

Kyle surprised me on Friday by suggesting that we go out on a date, despite our only-one-more-week-until-we-get-paid balance in our bank account. But we had groceries and no upcoming occasions... so we went for it!

We got a pizza and cheese sticks at Rudy's using our $9 in loyalty points it ended up being a very budget-friendly date dinner... with tons of leftovers!

After that we drove out to the Legends to see About Time. We thought the movie looked cute and very fun for the pre-holiday season based on the TV spots... but upon reading the movie times realized that it also involved time travel - what? So we were excited to see what it would actually be like. 

The movie itself was not what we had expected, though we liked it quite a bit. It wasn't as comedic as we had thought it would be, but it did have that sort of subtle, quirky British humor in it, which I love. The characters were very cute and kind of awkward, which made them easy to root for. By the middle of the movie you don't feel like you are watching some guy try to date Rachel McAdams.... I knew he had to be a Weasly! :)

The time travel element is a lot more of the plot that I expected, and definitely more than the non-indication in the TV spots... but it was kind of nice. It wasn't one of those stressful, The Butterfly Effect kind of situations.

One thing that I loved was some of McAdams' clothing in the movie. She worked for a book publisher and had such a quirky but feminine style. I find myself wanting to re-watch it just for some new outfit ideas!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous red wedding dress? Be still my heart!

I am super curious as to how the movie got that R-rating... The cussing was pretty mild and there really wasn't any nudity. Only a bit of sex. I guess when the last movie you saw was Don Jon anything seems tame in comparison... (the post on which never got published.. :/ !)

Overall the movie got me to thinking about savoring our days and appreciating the small things in life. We might then find, that what we thought was a bad day, was actually a good one. And I think that is a pretty incredible thing. So well done Richard Curtis, Cast & Crew!

It leads nicely into thinking about gratitude, which I always try to do, but is specifically appropriate considering the season.

Have you seen About Time? What did you think?

How do you keep focused on the good things during your days?

All for now & Thanks for Reading,


Anybody else want to move to Britain? ;)


  1. I LOVED this film! It had a lot more soul than I was expecting. Definitely getting it on DVD when it's released!

  2. I thought it was super cute! :) Glad you liked it too!


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