Friday, November 1, 2013

Snapshots of Buzz Beach Ball // September 2013

I feel like we've been concert crazy recently!
Some friends asked if we'd like to join them for Buzz Beach Ball this year. We'd never been, but it's usually a huge line up with pretty big names and festival feel. This year Phoenix was headlining, but Alt-j, AWOLnation, MSMR, Daughter, Cage the Elephant, Hanni Al Khatib... etc was there. The show started at 2:30, but we decided to go around 6 after work. We missed a few bands that we would maybe have liked to see but we caught the three headliners. AWOLnation
I knew some of their music, but I am always so confused by their style. They go from screaming and lots of guitar to pop-y dance tunes... It made for a not-so-cohesive show for me. But I'm guessing that big fans were pleased. The lead singer kept saying things like "I had a vision for this next song and everyone was crouching down, and then when the music starts everyone explodes!" A little crazy for me.. :) But I enjoyed the songs that I knew. I don't think I would see them again.

Alt-j was the one band that I wanted to see most, I love their music and they are just SO good! I loved their set! The music was great.. I want to go see them live when they are headlining sometime. A full show from them would be AMAZING!

Phoenix went on at 10:30 and they were really entertaining. They're French, so it was fun to hear him talk. :) The music was great, they played new stuff and some old singles. I like the old stuff better but it was all fun. 

Overall the music was pretty great. I enjoyed it and the venue (Berkley Riverfront Park) very much. I don't however, enjoy the festival atmosphere. So much smoke, so much pot... people popping pills, port-a-potties... not my scene.

We've got a few more shows coming up in December, I'm looking forward to those even more than these last two! :)

Have you ever seen any of these bands? What are your favorite albums or songs?

What's a great concert that you've been to recently?

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  1. I haven't been to any concerts besides Country Music in a long while. Maybe I should step out of that comfort zone....

  2. It can certainly be fun! I would recommend indoor with seats though :)


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