Monday, November 4, 2013

Sometimes It's Okay to Splurge.... Right?

Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween, pictures of mine coming soon. :)

In the meantime, I thought I'd share another outfit post with all of you!

One day while walking downtown I found this gorgeous cardigan in the window of a local boutique. I walked past it several times before I went in to see how much it cost. 

When I finally went in I tried it on and much to my surprise fit really well (and this is a challenge for me when tops involve buttons!) no gaps or gaping problems. I looked at the tag and took a deep breath... $85. Whew. More than I usually spend on ANY individual item aside from winter boots or coats.

I put it back and resolved that if I still wanted it when I got my paycheck I would go back for it. And I did. 

I've got to say though I'm really pleased. It goes really well with jeans, skirts... anything! 

I especially love it with my printed heart skirt.

Embroidered Cardigan: Nick & Mo, Local Boutique $85 (buy here, for only $! :( )
Heart Printed Skirt: Francesca's Boutiques, $34 (buy here)
Your basic black sheer tights, $5-10
Navy Flats: Payless, $15 (with BOGO!) (buy here)

Outfit Total: $139

It's not quite pattern mixing, but it definitely has some contrast between the tiny repetitive print and the larger floral embroidery. I think that it really works well together and I LOVE how simple it is!

What is one of your favorite or most worn splurge items?

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  1. Oooo LOVE that sweater and so cute with the skirt. That's the same brand as my jacket in this post: Love their stuff!

  2. Thanks! You're so sweet! :) I really love this combo! I love the jacket. What a fun set of colors. :)

  3. I love that sweater! A good sweater is like magic in a closet, right? Instantly spruces up any outfit. :)

  4. Sarah, absolutely! A good sweater/jacket is my favorite thing to wear!! :) Thanks!


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