Friday, January 17, 2014

Like Loungewear But Cuter (I) // Remixing Challenge

I came across this fantastic blog called Greater Than Rubies, where she (Caitlin) challenged herself to quit shopping for a year (!). In the process she learned to be an expert remixer. Now she hosts link ups for remixing wardrobes. She is currently doing a winter 20 X 30 (twenty items (not accessories) to make 30 outfits). I didn't get any posts up in time, to link up from the beginning, but I am trying it out at home all the same, and so far it's going pretty well! I have picked my 30 items, stuck to them and come up with at least 15 outfits, if not more so far! It's kind of a select as you go thing. But for me even 15 outfits is good with so few items! :)

I found this challenge so helpful in revealing the hidden potential in my closet. A lot of times I think I over-wear things, or wear them the same way so many times that I just need a new idea. This challenge forces you to be creative and try combinations  that you wouldn't have before. Not all of them are going to be great... but some might be amazing. :) 

So I am going to start sharing some of those outfits on here!

Like Lounge Wear, but Cuter (I)

Necklace: Francesca's, $26
'Dressed up' Sweatshirt: Aerie, $40*
Pink Jeans: JCP, $15(!) - bought with Xmas money!
Navy Flats: Payless, $15 (BOGO Price)
Vintage Cocktail Ring: Salvation Army, $3(!)

Total: $99

This outfit also works well for this idea that The Girls With Glasses posted about on Babble recently (here). They are calling it 'Dress For Happiness' and it's basically just wearing fun things that make your day a little bit better. It might sound kind of silly... but it really can work. When your shoes are sparkly or you have a colorful pattern on, it actually can make you a little more excited to run errands. :)

*This sweatshirt was a bit more pricey than I usually go for.. but I wear it ALL the time! Working in a preschool means I want to be comfy and warm, so I wear it weekly! I even bought it in a cream/tan with a gold fleck too! Great investment! Plus dressy sweatshirts are one of the fall trends I was wanting to try... and I'm in love!

My love for colored denim goes on and on. This pink is shockingly easy to wear. I love love love love bright pink with navy! My first pair of $10 clearance hot pink jeans wore out, and luckily I found this pair at a day-after-Christmas sale at JCP. They were such a good deal I got the same pair in black and red! (so excited to try the red!) 

And the statement necklace lives on! I can't tell you how many times I've worn them! More about my love for these statement necklaces here. 

I love how pairing dressed up basics makes for a comfy but polished look!

So easy. So cozy. But cute.

Have you ever done a remixing challenge?

What are your favorite/most versatile pieces?

Do you have any dressed up basics that you swear by?

Leave me comments and I would love to know!

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  1. Me too.. I'm a bit of a chicken.. so I'm not quite doing it officially. But this is excellent practice and gives me SO much more faith in my closet! :) & Thanks... we got Mongolian, went bowling and are having a triple layer German chocolate cake tomorrow :) -Alexandra


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